Badass statistics (yeah... never thought I'd see that either)

Anyone see any stats for the first week yet? I’m not talking about sales or hours played, more along the lines of “How many times has El Dragón has gotten Revenge on ISIC” or “Rath isn’t a vampire… but in total he’s sucked this much health out of other Battleborn” type of things.

They had some for after the beta (talked about in the PAX East panel). Curious to see those kind of things again as they were pretty entertaining before.

What other odd stats would you like to see?

I would personally like to see a ratio for Montana’s level 3 helix. I want to see how many people opted for the extra health compared to the removed spin time.

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Oh… Helix choices! I didn’t even think of that. Maybe have a post in each discussion for the characters of the # of players that took each helix.