Badass tokens don't transfer properly

Transfered all my Borderlands 2 saves and was dismayed to only see 5000 badass rank, but I had 113 tokens to spend so I assumed that would work out to the same stats I had before.

Not even close.

I ended up well under halfway.

Before and after pics:

Any way to fix this or am I just screwed??

Looks like you got the loyalty bonus, your BAR did not transfer.
I’m in a similar boat, except I didn’t transfer and I got no bonus. So I have 0 BAR and 1 key

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Yeah, thats the loyalty bonus. None of us have our BAR, but it is indeed suppose to be there.

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Will pass this along to the team to investigate. In the meantime, please drop in a ticket at or Thanks!

Already submitted the support ticket.


I wasn’t able to transfer BAR or any customization items whatsoever. My badass rank is 0, and none of my unlocked heads, character skins, or vehicle skins show up in the menus. Oddly enough, my characters in both games are wearing unlocked heads and skins, but they aren’t listed in the skins menus. Also, when I load my OP8 BL2 character, I get an error about DLC missing.

Already submitted a support ticket, but this is really disappointing. Can no game work properly at launch these days? This was the first game in ages that I actually preordered because I’m sick of buying broken games at launch. Did it here because I love BL2 so much, but after just booting up the game I’m finding issues. I really hope these problems are fixed soon.


Yeah, just checked my skins/heads too, all missing. 0 BAR. At this point I just want to know if I can play, or do I need to wait for the BAR transfer to be fixed first or lose it?


BAR and skins are tied to the profile, not the individual character, so I would think you would be safe to play. Unless the fix requires you to delete your characters and start from scratch, which would make you lose any progress made tonight. So… probably, but maybe not? I’d like to see an official response to the question myself.


Yeah, I’m just wondering because of what they said about having your transferred BAR first or the bonus would not stack on it. Just don’t want to play and get a few BA points, then find I’m screwed on getting my original from the 360.


Same here no BAR when transferring from BL2 on 360 to THC on Xbox One but all the challenge progress came through so hopefully they should be able to fix it without too much trouble. I already submitted a ticket.


The team is looking in to an issue for folks missing Badass Ranks and Heads and Skins on Xbox One after using the Cloud Save feature.

There should be no negative effects for those who want to enjoy the game while we work on a fix. You may end up losing any badass ranks you earn during this time as they will be overridden when you inevitably re-transfer your saves as part of the fix. For the meantime, please do not delete your previous gen save files as re-uploading them may be part of the eventual solution.

The KB article for the missing Badass Ranks and Customizations on Xbox One has been updated:

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Sounds good, thanks!

Well it worked… Sorta.

I only have my original 360 rank, no loyalty bonus.

Better than nothing I suppose.

Loyalty Rewards are coming soon:

Got my loyalty rewards out of nowhere today for the Pre Sequel.

Weird thing is I never played the Pre Sequel before, so I shouldn’t have gotten those at all.

Still don’t have them for BL2. My shift menu shows they were awarded on 3/24. Which they were, but that bonus 5000 badass rank was overwritten by my real badass rank when I re-transferred a save.

I’m having an issue in which my equipped skin and head from the previous gen are refusing to transfer. Everything else moves up just fine. Any suggestions? Should I equip starting heads and skins when transferring up?!

Also, just like dprange, my loyalty reward was dished out before my badass rank became transferable from previous gen

So I tried switching customization items on my 360 version of Borderlands 2, and it somehow deleted the originally equipped items. Quite frustrating when it was stuff I had to farm for on the initial character, Gaige. It was Metal Blood and Beyond the Pale that have completely disappeared. I went ahead and tested it on other characters and the equipped items are not selectable on my 360, not sure what’s going on, but I would like to be able to keep my items