Badass vs Guardian ranks

I’ve played BL2 more than I care to admit, and still consistently play it more hours per week than BL3. I love BL3, despite its pitfalls, but BL2 is simply the best game I’ve ever played and it somehow never gets old to me.

But the one thing that’s really been bothering me is the name of the post-level cap ranks. Why do we get guardian ranks rather than badass ranks?

Undoubtedly a silly complaint, but I can’t help to feel less badass (teehee) if they aren’t called such.

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My guess is that it is related to what the guardian tells you during all of the proving ground side quests. I don’t think we are Vault “Hunters” anymore based on what the guardian thing says to us.

Just speculation on my part.

Well …


We get told exactly what we are. Elevated above Badassness

Well, played with a kid once & he kept mentioning BA’s. Asked what that was & he said – a word his Mom didn’t want him to use! So, maybe that is part of the reason – to keep it more kid friendly? (Though, the word is used in plenty of other places for enemy types).


Some parents hey… shakes head
I can literally type Badass and not get censored.

Badass is a state of being.

I could see your point but kind of doubt that’s the main reason for the change, especially considering the language throughout the game.

If I had to guess, I’d say they changed the name because they changed the mechanic/setup. We had Weapon Proficiencies in BL1 which worked quite differently, then the BA Ranks in BL2, and now GRs with their additional unlocks depending on how many points you put in each ‘tree’.


Yeah, I could understand the trees aspect of the change between BL2 and BL3. I guess I just miss having “badass” on my profile somewhere xD

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Agree that its probably just because its a new style, since TPS kept the same name and the same mechanics as B2.
While comparing the two, which do you prefer @KittyShoes17? Just gone back to TPS for a bit and noticed the pros and cons of each, like how they each feel when starting a new character or when playing at the endgame. I kinda prefer the Guardian Ranks system, personally. =]

I really like have something to shoot for at the end of each tree, and have a splitting of trees for that matter.
On the other hand, I’m not a big fan of it just being an exp based thing. I thoroughly enjoyed badass ranks being tied to challenges because it gave me some extra stuff to shoot for while I was farming/grinding.

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If they’d made the in-game challenges give XP rewards or something, it might have worked better.

BA ranks encouraged you to try new playstyles and explore more to complete the challenges. I like that GR is tied to XP, as it scales better with your level (you level up and gain more xp, so up your rank faster) but then when you make a new character, it contributes less to your GR than it used to for BA ranks. GR is clearly designed more for endgame and less for relay-ability than BA was.

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