Badass zealots can shoot Zane through his barrier

Like the title says. After the latest patch i found that badass zealots can now bypass Zanes barrier shield and shoot him directly. i hope this is a bug and not intended.

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They are not called badass for nothing!

jk Hope it is a bug too!

I got same problem as well.

Them spastically Spamming rockets as meant they almost always by passed the shields, and then you can’t even see anything to return fire. I have seen multiple patch notes saying they fixed this, but to my knowledge, they have not. I still can’t see and they still spam automatic fire with rocket launchers. Totally cheese, instead of having a smarter AI, they just have them spam auto fire qiucker then we can shoot the same weapon.

The fix is described as:

Visibility should improve, but if these new munitions are getting through the Barrier, that’s almost certainly not intended. I’ll check when I get home (and practice submitting a ticket if so).

Anyone else experiencing this?

Wait, but didn’t the last patch also say they fixed this issue so that you could see when still being spammed with rockets blasts. Because that is not true, it is still happneing

So I came across two Badass Zealots. One had the graphically reduced launcher (really makes a difference… like they’re shooting little darts or something, that may actually hit softer too? Hoping this turns into an overcorrection and they can tone down the splash effects of the launcher when they have the luxury of time). The second one had a regular launcher, which was spraying the normal splash damage at me

While my Barrier was blocking both (see screenshot), the implementation of the, eh, ‘cleaner’ Badass Zealots doesn’t seem to be happening every time. I’m pushing through the Anvil at the moment, I’m sure I’ll come across some more for further testing.

The better we can describe the problem beyond ‘it’s not working’, the easier it’ll be for them to dial it in.

edit - here’s a shot of the visually nerfed bullets being stopped by the Barrier:

2nd edit: the next BAZ I came across was throwing regular rockets… like the visual fix is only applied to every other spawn? There’s an Anointed Militant in the crowd, so this’ll take a minute.

3rd edit: the next one was throwing the visually nerfed munitions (which are definitely softer than the rockets… like four shots might have taken a fifth of my shield down, where the other one (with the regular rockets) put me in FFYL with three shots a minute ago). They’re definitely alternating between ‘clean’ and ‘original’ types. Nothing’s going through my Barrier though.

Also, this may be a coincidence, but all “original” BAZ’s rockets were radiation, where all “revised” BAZ’s shots were cryo. Here’s what they look like downrange (they really seem soft now with these weaker, slower shots.

It’s when you have the barrier equipped to yourself that badass zealots can shoot straight through it. It’s a certain weapon they have that can go right through. It looks like they’re using a shotgun because the bullet spread pattern.

When we pick up the Barrier, it’s effects are weaker… like some damage is supposed to get through, no? “…the size and bonuses are decreased”? I thought that was one of the tradeoffs for taking it mobile?

When picked up, is it not blocking any of the damage?

edit - next Badass (different map) was firing soft corrosive bullets. Subsequent one firing full rockets (also corrosive, though I think these are a coincidence). Can anyone confirm that every other BAZ gets the weird-but-clear bullets?