Badassasarus Rex

Can anyone help me beat this guy?

I’m level 58 Axton (UVHM) and I’m having trouble with this.

PSN: richiearells (on right now)

Not on PSN, but everybody has troubles with BA Rex in UVHM. He’s a giant bullet reflector, so you have to pay careful attention to weapon choice. The big thing is those red barrels you see on each side and behind the head - destroy those, and you reduce his possible attacks while greatly reducing his health. Note also that you can shoot down his nukes and homing rockets if you can’t find cover in time. Most people cheese him from behind the concrete barrier at the entrance to the arena - just be careful you don’t shoot into the barrier or the rebar sticking out of it. I generally use a mixture of homing grenades, combined with explosive and corrosive (splash damage!) weapons.

I can pop in and kill him for you.

PSN dogstar13

It’s my first time playing DLCs and I started at UVHM. Not sure if that’s a good idea or not. But, I’m looking for strategies online too and I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong.

The gate isn’t fully open (not like in the videos I saw online) so I have to crouch just to get in. So I can’t really see his target points.

This sucks. Lol

That’s normal. You can crouch to get under the door then stand up closer to the barrier. Once you’ve done that, you can hop over the wall if you’re feeling really brave, or have a very speed-focussed build. Try and avoid hitting any of the shiny metal areas with actual bullets (unless you’re moving rapidly sideways while shooting) or they WILL hit you on the way back.

Note that you can stay behind the barrier ad duck back underneath the door if there’s major damage in-coming. Just don’t back up too far or the game thinks you’ve died and BA Rex’s health will reset completely. (You can’t get back to the ammo vending machine if playing solo).

How did you just delete him lol

Also thank you so much.

Any tips on how I can fight him if I do it solo? (with my level at least.)

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No worries, you’re welcome. I’m OP8 and he wasn’t, no skill involved!

My tip is, don’t fight him again unless you have to. He drops nothing, his
lootsplosion is just one big anti climax

It’s the first DLC I did ever.

Do you recommend doing other DLCs first?

I’m just trying to level because I’m struggling in UVHM Story mode and from what I read Torgue DLC gives good guns. I think.

The Torgue DLC features The Beatdown Bar Room Brawl, which is a great way of levelling and acquiring Torgue tokens. Those, in turn, can be used to farm the Torgue vending machines for the Unkempt Harold, Kerblaster, etc.

You only really need to defeat BA Rex to complete the main story, which does unlock some additional side quests.

If you want to level, any of the remaining DLCs are good, as are the Head Hunter pack mini-DLCs. Marcus Mercenary Day unlocks a repeatable boss that lets you farm the chests on a loot train for levelled gear (in UVHM). Lot’s of potential in Assault on Dragon Keep (DLC4) as well, even saving some side quests for max level. Personally, I like Hammerlock’s Hunt, but I know that it doesn’t appeal to everyone’s taste.

Also, don’t forget that you can reset UVHM completely at any time, so you can replay early story missions for additional levels if you prefer.

Yeah thanks for the tips. I’ll have to go back to that when I level up even more, so I can do other side missions in that area. I wanna try levelling up in Pyro Pete’s Bar too, I heard it’s really good to level up there. I just need to figure out how to do it right with Axton (with my current build)

I started doing Tiny Tina DLC today and it’s so much better and more fun (at least for me) I already got a Bee Shield drop at level 59 and that has helped me so much so far.

I have Gemini, so I toss a turret onto the ceiling in each room and then run between them to the places where the Bruisers spawn. Good times!

Oh I don’t have that. I was thinking of respecing but that depends on how far I go with Tiny Tina DLC. I might have enough skill points once I’m done with this DLC.

You will need at least one of those skills open Double UP or Gemini, also Longbow Turret is preferred and a good old Fastball grenade works miracles against badasses in Pete’s Bar.
So HERE example of lvl58 build