Badassasaurus UVHM Hellborn

So how the F#CK do I beat Badassasaurus on UVHM??? I have a hellebore Krieg, not that it matters I reckon, he seems to be immune to dot which is already a pain, can’t be slagged… what a bitch of a boss… The problem is mostly his ground slam and fire spin attacks, which are hard to avoid unless I’m far away from him. And the biggest problem of all perhaps is I can’t find any way to heal… Using a DPUH and Bee (not sure is amp dmg actually works?) But he keeps killing me. Don’t want to stand behind the barrier out of principle heheh :stuck_out_tongue: Help???

[quote=“vgj, post:1, topic:1547556”]Don’t want to stand behind the barrier out of principle[/quote]I used to think that, but (as it turns out), Piston is a cheater, so screw that guy (don’t forget bullet reflection). Face tanking Badassasaurus in the arena is on my bucket list, but I don’t have any Krieg-specific advice.


Okay so I just killed it without “cheating”, just using Bee and DPUH, and then killed Piston the bitch, and finally stood there as loot was flying everywhere while listening to this awesome guitar cover of still alive from Portal, an extremely epic moment!! :smiley:


You could try asking the Krieg experts over here.

Edit: Never mind I see you managed.

Try the hail

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In my (limited) experiences fighting him, he doesn’t reflect explosive bullets, so that seems to me to be the way to go v. him.

Explosive is good. Ogre works well. So does a Meteor Shower (for realsies, love that grenade). If you keep strafing you can avoid most of your reflected bullets. Haven’t done it as Krieg though, just Maya.

Used a DPUH with a Bee shield, worked pretty well. Some say he’s Immune to the roid dmg, but it seemed to work well for me.

He’s not immune to pure splash damage weapons IIRC so a Slow Hand would have worked as well- of course, you need to beat him (or if you’re lucky, just Piston) to get one…

I usually spam a Kerblaster at him. No reflection and the child grenades usually get him too.