Badasses a la Lemur! ✌

Hello, hello!

Since this is (basically) my first legit post here on the forums, I figure I ought to give a little introduction!

I’m Lemur, a newbie to the GBX/BB forums, but a mega fan of the game!
Despite my disinterest in FPS-style games, I caught a glimpse of Battleborn’s trailer at a GameStop back in early 2016 and I was immediately SOLD on the amazing look, feel, and character designs of the game.
Alas, I never had any applicable consoles (including a PC decent enough to play it)… But, when I saw it go on sale for a mere $10 a couple months ago, I just couldn’t resist! Got the chance to play using a friend’s console, and fell in love just as much as I’d always expected!
Now, a month later, a fellow BB-loving pal & I tanned up to buy a PS4-- my first new console in nearly 15 years– all for the love of this game!!

As an artist, the natural first thing to do was to DRAW SOME HECKIN’ FANART, so I began hastily scribbling my favorite badass without using reference material! HO YEAH!

Thus, my first shoddy Shayne sketches came to be!!

(The top few of which are utter garbage & I was tempted to crop them out, but HEY, I figure someone might enjoy them? Who knows, haha!)

Valentines Day came up shortly after, and I wanted to do some celebratory V-day cards, but ended up only half-finishing a sketch of Shayne & Aurox before being swept back up in daily life.

(This one got a retweet from the Gearbox Twitter page – what an honor, for such a recent inductee to the fanbase!)

Most recently, I wanted to start a series of cutely-stylized, “chibi”-esque character renditions, and started the effort with Pendles!

This dude’s design is just so ridiculously cool; he inspired me from the start, but it was only after arduously collecting enough credits to unlock him that I really got into him as a character!
(Although, once again, I regret not adequately using references. DON’T LIVE BY MY EXAMPLE, KIDS.)

For the time being, this is all I have completed!!
Hopefully the chaos of life will settle soon & I’ll be able to draw lots more Badasses to share!

Until then, enjoy my goofy sketches, and I look forward to becoming a part of this rad little community!!

Peace! :v:


[Side-note: I forgot that those scans weren’t resized! Whoops! – Is there any way to retroactively change my upload files, or are they just forever stuck on the forum’s servers? In the case of the latter… Sorry, my dudes!!]

Your art is fantastic! Great character choices too, love the Pendles one especially.

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Well, yet another talented artist enters the ranks.

Welcome, Welcome!


I love your style, keep going :kissing_heart:


These are awesome! I really like the V-day card! Love to see more :blue_heart:


Oh!! Shayne and Aurox fanart!! I agree with @beya your art style is awesome!!


Hey guys!!
Thank you all so, so much for the kind words & warm welcomes!!
Sorry I’ve been a bit absent, lately; been a busy month, but I’m still around & still drawing!

Don’t have any finished pieces to show, but here are a few doodles I’ve done inbetween working on stuff for my portfolio.
Other threads seem to have a fondness for sharing WIPs, though, so I figure I’ll share a few of mine, too!

Here’s a few in-progress sketches meant to continue the cutesy-style Battleborn that I started with Pendles!

AND a few teasers… because I was very inspired after seeing two (er, three) of my favorite Battleborn get some amazing new features in the recent Battleplan lore!!
Gonna try to finish these pics, soon – then you guys can see the full images in all their stupor!!

… But they’re just spoiling me with all this Shaurox & Orendi content, and I gotta ride this inspiration wave while it’s here, hahaha!!


These look awesome! And I have absolutely no issues with seeing some fanart inspired by the Battleplans! @dante_d_silva @jythri Look what you guys have done!


Your sketches have made me so excited! So much awesome work to look forward to~

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Woahhhh does that last one feature the first illustration of Maven seen in the wild?


Funnily, I actually began that sketch before the second lore installment – but now that a nigh-identical scene has appeared, I definitely know who the indeterminate blue figure is gonna become! :+1: Haha!

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Man, sorry for the radio silence, here!!
For a while, I felt like I shouldn’t post in here unless I actually had some awesome new updates to share, but I realize people update their threads all the time with just general info, which I figure I ought to do, now!

So, here’s the story.

Since March, I’d been working hard on putting together pieces for a portfolio. It wasn’t my first time doing so, but WAS my first time doing so with the intent of applying at a game studio…

See, friends. I had just moved to TX, and I was gonna try my hand at applying for a cool art job…
A cool art job like the concept artist job at GearBox!
Though I had no expectations to actually get the position, I wanted to try, just in support of the team & the amazing content that they’ve created! (That, and with the hopes of getting to visit Gearbox HQ during the interview process. Haha!!)

Alas, after reaching the coloring stages for my pieces, I double-checked the job opening at the beginning of April to find that the position was no longer listed.

In the time since, I took on a menial part-time job just to pay the bills, but it kinda sucks (TYPICAL, I SUPPOSE) and has brought my previously-dormant depression back to the surface.

For most of May, I have drawn virtually nothing (despite usually being a daily-doodler!), and now I kinda just feel like I’m letting down the community with my lack of updates!

I’m going to try to get back to drawing, but I’m under a lot of pressure with my exhausting/poor-paying job, from my extreme desire to move out of my current location & to somewhere (ANYWHERE) else in the DFW area, and from miscellaneous other personal challenges.

So, please forgive me if I tap out from time to time!!

Rest assured that I still adore Battleborn, this community, and everything therein!
Right now, I’m trying to re-focus myself, and once that’s done I should hopefully be able to complete some of those earlier WIP doodles within the coming weeks!!

Here’s the one piece I did finish, as a tiny celebration for Battleborn’s anniversary! :+1:


We all end up at that place at some point and for entirely different reasons. Then suddenly, months have passed and you just wonder where all that time went. It always sucks when you realize you’ve stopped doing the things you enjoy just so you can stay on top of other things. :sweat:

Keep at it and try and devote whatever spare time you can to continue doing the stuff you enjoy! Don’t let other things get in the way of that! We all need to have that something to distract ourselves from all that other stuff! :wink:

Also awesome anniversary piece!! :heart: