BadassQuestions 5: follow-up

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Just seen the recent #BadassQuestions episode, there are some things that came up right when watching:

Instanced loot = no, all get the same loot pack, but it’s possible to get different gear since it’s RNG.
Is loot tradeable?
Do we have a stash somewhere or ‘just’ our inventory space?

Loot-rarity = higher difficulty = higher loot packs
will there be recipes / deterministic ways of getting specific items or even simple-crafting?

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I’m kinda disappointed by this Q&A because the questions answered wernt that great.

Everyone who has been gaming for a few years knows that the higher the difficulty the more rewarding the loot will be. Its been a big part of games for many years now.

While this assumption may be true, it’s still nice to know that will be that way. Not every game rewards higher challenge with better loot.

The Q&A was rather short and a bit less funny, altho this is my personal taste :smile: let’s see and post questions for the next one

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Of course its nice to have it confirmed but i still feel like its a question that didnt really need to be answered on this Q&A.

I just want more information regarding characters now. Ambra more then anyone has me wanting to play the game but there isnt much info on her

I’m sure we all will find out pretty soon about more characters :smile:

If you mean with Friends then Yes.
If you mean with characters No as Gear isn’t tied to a specific character therefore you can use it with all the heroes and don’t have to trade. (So no Claptrap’s secret stash thingy in Borderlands) (BTW. there can be gear with faction boosts)
You can sell Gear in the store

Inventory space with custom loadouts for your favorite builds.

I set up a Gear specific FAQ on my site last night. With the all the info i could find (i think, it was late). So hopefully that helps out.


Just wanted to say you have been all over this info like yellow on a banana which is awesome and your site is fantastic too! :slight_smile: that is all I have to say


:smiley: Thank You.

(BTW. there can be gear with faction boosts, so that could lock you down a bit)

Aah yep, this helps a ton and explains why I haven’t seen it somewhere else, it’s a first-hand experience :smile:

one question is open, were simple “recipes” discussed by then? Or is this just me? =)

Some info is from that presentation other stuff you can actually find on the web. When i wrote my Gamescom hands on experience i was trying to be one of the first with all the new intel. But when other big websites started posting their Gamescom experience, none of the (loot) details came up. Just here is what you already know and we played another character and it was fun. Fans want to know more about the game, than the other character was also fun they could have read that from another website. We want new (hidden) details !!! AAAGHHH!!!

ok that’s out

Crafting was not discussed during the presentation.
They did show of a temp. inventory menu filled with 24 items. The max capacity was also 24, yes this is less than a full upgraded Borderlands backpack. But remember it’s just a temp menu to give a preview. 24 was probably the number they needed to have a screen full with pieces of Gear. Mr. Pitchford specifically said it was a temp. menu and that the retail game would get a badass design.

Randy Varnell posted on the old-GBX-Forums that he likes crafting.
I did a blog post about “will Battleborn have crafting” earlier this year when loot and shards were new topics. But we haven’t seen any indication of different minerals in the game. I had gotten feedback from GBX staff “interesting , and i like hyrule warriors”
Also no sign of a grinder yet. But Battleborn runs a modified Borderlands loot mechanic, so it could be possible.

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awesome, MentalMars!

consider your site bookmarked - AH SCREW THAT - it’s my starting page now :smiley:

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