Badge selector - badges in a single column

Badges in the badge selection window are in one very long column. At any given time I can only see either two badges, or one and two halfs of a badge above and below. And scrolling all the way down through all of them takes some time. Is this normal? Am I the only one experiencing this?

That’s what I see too.

That would be because you’re playing the same game as everyone else.

Yes, just confirming that it’s normal.

Oh I see… Well then let me say it’s suboptimal. Could this thread be moved into the general discussion as a suggestion then?

Sure. Hold onto something.

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I noticed this as well, and I can tell you this is not the behaviour HW2’s badge selector had, and it just seems odd that such would be different from the classic release. Did changing the maximum badge dimensions somehow cause this or something? This really does seem bizarre.