Badly behaving teammates - How to deal with them?

While not a super normal occurrence (yet…), I have encountered some players who either bad mouth their teammates or the enemy team, especially in PVE. I really don’t want to be forced to stand such an attitude :pensive:

I do notice that I can mute people, does this apply to text chat too? Or is there an option to disable chat completely? (Though while I do not want to listen to name calling, I do want to be able to communicate with my team…)

You must be new to gaming. There is nothing that can be done about them (other then reporting them) that wont is some way affect the rest of the team.

I am not at all new to gaming. This is not a surprise to me at all. But the thing is, there can be preventative measures. Rude players aren’t going to go anywhere, they will always exist. There can still be ways to deal with them (In Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, I can disable the chat in various levels, for example.)

Please read what I posted properly, before commenting, so that you can actually add something to the conversation.

Battleborn is more a team based game then COD. Id rather have someone throw out the occasional naughty word then not be able to chat at all effectively making it so your take a member of your team away.

You can live with the nasty comments, but for people who don’t want to continuously listen to such behavior, an option to do something about it would be nice :- )