Balance compared to BL2?

So my major issue with BL2 was the need for slag and how difficult the end game was unless you were playing Salvador. Have they better balanced the game this time around or are the character classes still imbalanced and overly reliant on abusing specific guns or equipment?

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Why did you only use Salvador? Because from my experience OP10 was completely viable with all 6 vault hunters.


I was about to say the same thing… While Salvador was easily the best late game character, all were viable.

I tried Axton and got completely wrecked. Krieg was better but still paled in comparison to Salvador who was basically unkillable.


I mained sal when it first dropped, I wanted to be the gunzerking midget.

I ended up with all of them. They all were good with the right gear and right builds. It didnt matter what content you played, you could use any of them.

All BL3 vault hunters are quite viable.
Balance, however, is changing dramatically with day to day hotfixes.

Compared to bl2 this game is easy. You will have no problem. And i agree all vh were viable up to op8, the op levels were not for the casual player and sal or maya were the easiest for end game. Especially raiding. Sal can beat all the raids.

i think i would have a few more questions, like what happened to slag. i get it wasn’t a fun mechanic, but they don’t seem to address that it’s nowhere or the fact that etech guns just up and vanished.