Balance in PVP is completely out of whack

At the moment, Hard CC and burst (especially AoE) dominates much more than single-target damage. Foxtrot doesn’t really provide a good amount of those two unlike all the current higher tier char like say


And unless it’s a snipe attack, quick AoE skill simply inflicts more damage to the enemy team at the moment than single-target attacks anyway because the game really favour 100-0 in 3 seconds type char more than sustain damage type char.

If I really want to compare someone to Foxtrot, like I said, I will go with Mellka because both follows the same concept of “High mobility, high single target damage, low utility” concept.

Mellka mobility is simply much better for the job of chasing and killing someone since the mobility isn’t gated by helix and that she is way faster when it comes to how she flows.

Foxtrot may be able to deal way more damage in the long run against a tankier shield-type targets like Shayne especially with that H10 upgrade but if I have to pick someone to make quick work and get out of the current popular squishy targets like Marquis throughout the whole game, Mellka can do that better.

I’m a Benedict main and see absolutely nothing Foxtrot will do a better job at even with the “Late-game assassin potential”. Why bother with a single damage ranged assassin char who does about 1400 damage per magazine assuming he land all the 30 shots, not crit, when I can play Benedict, do the undodgable 4-homing-rocket Hawkeye trick and do 1720 (430 * 4) damage on that same target alone while also inflicting AoE damage? This is one question you have to be able to answer if you want to emphasize his role as a single-target killer assassin.


Deande is a good 1 vs 1 char but for some reason she also has one of the slower movement speed for an agile character with one of the worst reach on her melee hitbox. If anyone quick melee her and simply sprint away after the uppercut, Deande can no longer follow. Just try to sprint after a spriting OM/Miko/Marquis/Thorn. You will never catch them if both run in straight line. It’s one of her worst flaws in the kit and why I dropped her for Phoebe who can immediately go back into range and does twice as much burst damage with H3 H5 Mutator for a 500+ damage true strike sweep.

Why juggle them for nearly 6 seconds with a chance of fail assassination when I can just flat out kill them in 2 or 3 seconds mid game?

What sniper build? Who even bother to get better aim or penetrate shot when backward propulsion on quick melee and double jump height gives one of the best mobility and survivability in the game and that literally all you do to win game with her is press 3 buttons to chain a spell 100-0 combo if you went curse arrow on Volley so you don’t have to even do a charged shot?

Marquis dominating at the moment is possibly due to the bug that you do need some team communication to deal with. Outside Overgrowth, he’s not much of an issue at all. Overgrowth is the only map where the amount of option to deal with him is rather limited. In every other maps, you have so many way to get to him and a close-range Marquis is a dead Marquis.

90% of the Marquis play the same way on Overgrowth. They bugsnipe your sentry, snipe behind the wall where only the tip of his hat is present and you can’t do anything back, just stay at that one spot and shoot or aimbot. When you meet the same playstyle for the 30th time, you should already know how to deal with it by then. No matter how annoying and how much I hate Marquis as well, I already accept the fact they’re only altering the stage of Overgrowth to indirectly nerf him in the major patch. Just learn to counter him and jump on his face.

Also, remember, a Marquis really shouldn’t be able to land 5 snipe hits early game in about 4 seconds on a moving target unless it’s a large one like Toby who you don’t even have to try to get hits with. Of course, this is assuming you weren’t actually just sitting up on that ledge and trying to snipe people with bow as he’s shooting you to death for being stationary. If that’s the case, you can’t blame him for doing that.

Quick reminder that you don’t have to try to resort to insults to try to prove a point. Play a shooting game and plenty of guns can have scopes with very high zoom, that doesn’t make them fit the role of a sniper rifle. There would be no point in them creating multiple ‘sniper’ characters if they wanted them to all play the same. It isn’t as vital to her character as his but it still serves a purpose in her kit. Their balance doesn’t revolve around a zoomed sniper duel between them, and thankfully so because I would never use her if she was a Marquis clone.