Balance in the game

CR20 hould be strengthened! 5-8 minutes, and the CR20 died. Players with 500-1 к hours do not allow to play.



Tanks deal damage more than killers.

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This is by FAR the most nonsensical thread i have ever read…

I feel like i’m trying to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics or the crypticly described location of buried treasure…


Still, what?

Tanks/defenders/guards? Should be a threat or everyone will walk around them.

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It’s his second language
German right?
I don’t think your expressing yourself clearly.
I can translate if you want

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The guards die very quickly.
Sorry for the translit.

Guards = Sentries?

I have no idea what you’re referring to

Like I said man I’ll translate just tell me what your trying to say

Thank you, but I’m not German)

Haha my bad
Misinterpreted a past conversation
What’s your native language?


“Guards” as the defender Battleborns, deal more damage than the attackers/assassins. Is that it?

CR20. Sorry

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That’s ok. There’s nothing to be sorry about. We’re just trying to understand your perspective to have a discussion.

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He is saying the sentry dies within 5-8 minutes and players with 500-1000 hours of game time don’t let matches last very long.

I think


Yes, that’s right. Thank you.

I got your back


Matches are ending too quickly because of the difference in skill level and the weak Sentry.
More needs to be done to protect new players and the new players dont get enough oppurtunity to play and get better if the Sentry dies to fast
CR 20 is too low and should be raised
thats the gist I got from my terrible terrible russian


Oh and my opinion
yes I agree that CR 20 might be too low but we’ll have to see.
if we get enough players, ELO will be able to do its job and the CR restrictions wont matter.
fingers crossed

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