Balance issue's

I know I’m not the only one who thinks so but the balance team at gearbox has no finesse. They balance things like a game of whack a mole. Somethings good then they pound it into the ground. All those weapons nerfed in the hotfix are totally screwed. The vault hunter buffs were decent, but the weapons They did buff are now only mediocre. I mean just make some enemies tougher, there is no pvp in this game so why can’t we have super powerful awesome guns?? That’s the whole premise of the game!! It’s fun to be a god and if you want a challenge you can use different weapons or builds. My main point is they need to learn to balance weapons and skills without gutting them into something sad and unusable. its like everyone in every post has said. Buff the weak weapons/builds and such. Keep strong things strong or at least viable. My god a 70% nerf to the only good grenades in the game? I can’t participate in the anniversary event because your hotfix’s have me terrified to go online. Hopefully undo this last hotfix in some way by the Halloween event so I can play that. I really love this game, it’s so much fun. The choices that are being made just feel weird and against what this game is about. I thought I was supposed to be super powerful and have awesome loot. It’s a whacky fun game, why so serious?


About Hex, they only nerfed the direct hit damage, the damage over time is not touched at all, so it’s not really 70%.

You can try it ingame. It sounds BIG, but it’s smaller than it actually is.

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Damage over time…Borderlands 3…LOL!

For responses to the hotfix please use that thread so your voice can be heard better.

Keeping these together makes it easier for gearbox to see them.