Balance of Marquis Character


Long time fan of gearbox and borderlands series. I was recently playing as Marquis in online versus mode and it was extremely difficult to be competitive. I would rather Marquis carried his sniper rifle and a shotgun rather than a pistol. It was extremely frustrating when other characters would get in close proximity to me and there was largely nothing I could effectively do to defend myself. Do you guys feel similarly or do I just need to improve my play with this character?

I personally have yet to play PvP as my PC can barely run this game, but from the PvE aspect I’ll just say Marquis is scary powerful. Thus far he is the most powerful character I’ve played. His sniper has a ridiculously high fire rate, base damage and critical hit multiplier. So much so that Shielded enemies that block their crit don’t even phase him as I can just muscle through it. Because unlike Borderlands he isn’t limited by a small ammo pool. Imagine if Lyuda Zero had infinite ammo in BL2.

Add in that he can do it all at a range where he is almost un-touchable and a “stun” that prevents enemies from getting close to you and he becomes the Ultimate glass cannon. Everything dies before it can even target me. My shield almost never breaks and the only time I’ve died is when I walked off a cliff when I looked up to watch TV. Where everyone else I’ve played thus far has a bit of a “Krieg” playstyle, where they have to put their neck on the line to not even get half the DPS.

And my example to put it all into prospective is… The very first time I played Marquis I started the game without making a load out for him so I wasn’t geared right. I got to ISIC and killed him in ONE Phase. And I didn’t even activate either of his skills or his Ultimate, just pure sniper spam. Characters like Galilea can put the hurt and tank at the same time, but who needs to divert damage when nothing is alive to kill you and it all happens at a quicker pace.

As for your point about the short range… that is his balancing factor. If you let people get close or you allow them to get behind you, you should play the price for the power he has. Not that that even happens really (in PvE at least). Because…

  • His pistol gets his huge “1,2,3” bonus applied to it.
  • His pistol also has what seems to be almost the same crit multiplier his sniper has.
  • You’ve got that slow to prevent those brawlers from even starting their DPS race, after you’ve almost finished your’s.
  • Hoodini is also another close range road block that is a “deploy and forget” trip mine that can cover your blind spot and brings down enemy shields so that you get that much closer to that stupid high crit multiplier. (And you can have 3 of them at rank 3)
  • And finally your quick melee has a pretty good knock back with no cooldown or… anything really

Disclaimer: And this is my first MOBA esk game I’ve ever played, and it is also my amateur opinion without anything to back it up. (No duh I haven’t even played it for 3 days yet :stuck_out_tongue:)

TL;DR From a PvE prospective Marquis is an unstoppable hot Iron through melted butter. And if they also made him pack a punch at close range with a 123 boosted shotgun he would be even more borderline broken OP than he already is. (Not a call for a nerf)

EDIT: Oh and a AOE, infinite range (maybe?), wall penetrating Ultimate.

When a Melee like Phoebe or Rath is close to you, you are screwed somehow. What u can try to do is use your Timebubble to slow down the enemy and run+hit him. The Bonus after the 3rd hit (2nd when augmented) is huge so you can even get kills in close quarter combat but that is not what Marquis is meant for.

At best u have 1 Melee and 1 Tank in front of you and you shoot your targets down at range.

When you get used to his playstyle and you have a decent team that knows how to protect you then Marquis is a beast!

If someone gets close, drop your bubble, pimp slap them (always use the double, it increases knockback) then book it - dropping an owl to cover is nice once you’re not getting shot/stabbed anymore.

Realistically, unless someone is specifically hunting you, you should never be close enough to get attacked. Marquis deals such extreme damage at such ridiculous range that he dominates most matches once he gets a few levels.