Balance of this game is stupidly unfair

I got hammered by Killavolt a lot until I figured out his rhythms, but the one that slammed me the hardest was the Annointed in the Jakobs Estate. I think the game bugged itself a bit there because after awhile even with the respawns the game stopped spawning other enemies to get Second Wind off of, so I just died over and over. Also not sure if it was a bug or intentional game design, but he teleports out of the room itself so even when I respawned he eventually just ported over and attacked me right at the save point.

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tbh, i had no issues at all, killed almost every boss on my first try as moze. you just got to be aware of your surroundings and make sure to keep ADDs near you so you have something to kill to get a second wind, and in fight that doesn’t have ADDs, keep making sure your dodging the bosses attacks.

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I found it harder than BL1,2 and TPS for sure, but I’ve played those games for thousands of hours, so I know where every enemy spawns, what gear I want and the parts I want them to have, at what level I want to be to comfortably enter a zone, etc.

I was having a pretty hard time with Zane and switched to Fl4k, but after finishing the game and switching back to my lvl14 Zane, I noticed I hadn’t equipped my second action skill. That made things a lot better. (D’oh!)

So I think I’ll be fine after a couple more playthroughs and more game knowledge.

I did have an issue, not so much in difficulty, with some of the a.i. though. Hated those bastards in BL2 that kept running around like crazy and in this game, 80% of the enemies behave like that. I mean, I don’t need sitting ducks, but please give me a chance to shoot at you at least once before you take a sprint towards another cover that would make Usain Bolt jealous. It’s not harder to kill enemies that way, it’s just more time-consuming and annoying. Had a couple of spots that had grey enemies in grey areas and green ones in green areas too. Very hard to see them sometimes.

Maybe I’m just getting old.

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yeah. same. Just hit 50 with very few issues.

Unfortunately for me, I found the game to be extremely easy to the point of boredom during fights before I finished the game and activated Mayhem 3.
I always seemed to be overleveled for whatever mission I found myself doing. Glad Mayhem scales everything to you.

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Level 14? I was 18 or 19 by the time I got there, doing nothing but quests…you didn’t do enough side quests, if you wanted the challenge kept to a minimum.

BL3 is stupidly easy, come on guys. BL2 was way harder even on normal mode.

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There are lootable sources EVERYWHERE in this game. I have no idea how people run out of ammo. If you are looting everything, you shouldn’t be running out.

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I feel the game is very easy for the first time, my lvl is always higher than the enemies in the main game and I rarely feel any difficulty. And on most maps, the fields have no enemies. Being easy to get loot without any conflict. The legendary drops and easy weapons are no better than the purple weapons.

Borderlands 2 was basically a perfect game. It was challenging, kept you grinding for better loot and the reward for even slightly better loot kept you going.

This game is an utter soup-sandwich of game balance. I’m at the same point at the OP and have basically put the game down.

Playing as Moz, her super, with grenades and chain gun, going full rip, can’t manage to defeat 1 badass… a whole super, just to get one of those mech’ bad-asses to about 3/4 health!!!

We can offer up tons of examples, but frankly HOW MANY SHOTS SHOULD IT TAKE TO KILL A SKAG? 15+ SMG shots? Really?

fight for your life is useless now because there is no enemy + gun combination in the game, that’s can take a full enemy to zero before the timer runs out.

By my average it takes about 4-5 headshots to kill even a low level fanatic… the list goes on…

There are improvements … it’s NICE that’s money has value now because you can actually buy equipment that is worth owning from vending machines.

This game feels like I”m playing with Nerfed weapons against all bad asses. Too unbalanced. Last time I drop $100 bucks preordering a game.

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You are under-leveled. You need to wait until you get more levels, and thus skill points, to make things easier.
If you see the enemies level indicator is higher than yours, your gonna have a bad time.
If you see a skull next to their health bar, you’re probably gonna die.
This type of game is not meant to be played straight through, story only, without any side quests. You’ll end up lagging behind the enemies levels.

If your having troubles check vendors. Theres almost always purple shields and guns to be bought. Alot more ofen than bl2. Im lv 18, have not used my skillpoints yet and playing missions always 1-2 lvs above me. No issues but i use blues and purples.

I disagree with how bullet-spongy so many of the enemies are. In BL2, I reached a point where I’d one-shot low level enemies. Here, there are so many enemies, but I have pour fire into them.

The worst, so far, has been the Warden fight, because the boss regenerates 100% health over and over again. I had him down to below 25% health four times, and each time, he regenerated.

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I’m level 32 and trying to kill Pain and Terror. It’s nearly impossible due to the way the game doesn’t level with your character. All the red chests have level 22 items in them. The last time I got a corrosive weapon was level 27, and that was a sniper.

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You wouldn’t have activated any of the Mayhem Modes by chance did you?, Mayhem Mode especially levels 2 and 3 are very, very tough, which would seem like you’re fighting with nerfed weapons at times

Welcome to the community by the way :smiley:

In fact its been overall disappointingly easy when compared with BL2 UVHM.

I think the bosses in particular need WAY more health than what they have now. You can kill most of them solo on M3 TVHM in about 5 seconds. If they have immune phases you have to add those as time bonus.

Their damage is fine. Their mechanics are bloody amazing! For real HUGE kudos to the guys who designed the boss fights! But they just die waaaay too fast because half the legendaries in the game just do way too much damage.

i did every side mission on my very first playthrough (platinum throphy aswell actually) so i were nearly max level when i finished, i think i were level 46. anyway, i b-lined through the story on my second character (amara) only collected crew challanges if i were near them, i never felt that i was in anyway under leveled or out geared to a point were i needed to do side missions in order to progress. ofcourse, it’s easier by just knowing what’s coming and how to beat it when you play a second time through… but still, i really liked that this game felt so balanced and fair - i never had a real struggle with any part of the game, killavolt requred a few extra tries but i enjoyed the challange.

on my first PT i did play as moze with a very glass cannon setup, which evidentally is quite OP later on at lvl 50.


I’m surprised this thread is still going… I got no idea how to help anyone who’s having trouble because to me all the bosses were fairly simple. In fact most bosses could be beat by just walking around in a circle… Especially late game. That’s how I fought most the bosses and it’s worked on every character that I’ve played.

This game pretty much a cake walk on Normal Mode. I didn’t notice a huge difference in TVHM, other than an increase in tougher enemy spawns (anointed, bad ass and etc.) and that I would go down quicker, if I wasn’t paying attention.

I’m playing as FL4K, and so far I have played through Normal, TVHM and I am now doing end game content on Mayhem 1. Honestly, the only thing that has given me problems are when large tough mobs (multiple anointed and super bad asses) spawn in an area thats difficult to quickly navigate without getting stuck on something, as you fight. I still wreck stuff. Especially bosses. There wasn’t a single tough boss fight in this game.

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