Balance of this game is stupidly unfair

heres a pointer…dont rush through the game…i have no idea where your at but i still havent even got on sanctuary ship yet and im already damn near level 13…no reason you should be that far and only be level 14 just saying…go back do side missions EXPLORE…find loot…thats what this game is about…not speedrunning


I actually find normal mode pretty easy with my brawl amara. i am looking forward on mayhem mode.


As someone who doesn’t consider myself a gamer at all (but with a really varied skill set that includes being super passionate and learning things fast, so. Like, not “omg wut iz games?”) I find the challenge really good. I don’t die a lot, and I’m making some pretty odd decisions (my first skills were infusion, Tempest, wildfire…). I play this game with a chaos vibe and I think Kataballa as a boss is the perfect boss to get you to LEARN. Like. He really makes you figure out how things work. I was 2 levels below him when I started and all my guns were…a level or two above me. So. I went in and had to make:

A tediore shot gun
A Jakobs assault rifle
And then redistributor (WHERE DID I EVEN GET THIS GUN?)

work because otherwise I had some dinky pistols :joy: (fire malwans). My Amara was built for PhaseGrasp and mobbing…whoopsie.

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I recommend the Soleki Protocol sniper rifle for the traunt fight. Aim at the floor and you can strip his shield really freaking fast with it.

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I realize it can be difficult but there are methods you can use to ease the dying alot situation. Pick 1 add and get him to really low life (do not kill) you now have an easy second wind. Focus on survival rather than damage, so heal skills, high defense shields, or transfusion grenades. Keep something between yourself and enemies. Lastly for boss fights find the strategy behind it. Killavolt; shoot his battery pack and use the entrance area as a safe zone. Ball bos; element weaknesses.

I’m guessing you never finished normal vault hunter mode on bl2, because bl3 is easy as hell on normal mode, even with bad weapons, unless you’re new to the game or are just standing still, you should not be having a hard time, let me be the first to say git gud


Yes, I have noticed this issue as well, but I have found that it is kinda necessary to do side-quests if you want to make it anywhere in this game. Anywhere you fast-travel there will be a few side-quests to do scattered around the map, so make sure to get those over with before you continue with the main-quest. Also, there is bounties which is something new they’ve added (its basically a side-quest still). Doing those will give a decent amount of exp. You should be able to gain 3 - 5 levels between each main quest mission.

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So far I’ve found with battles like this there is always one or two areas you can get behind cover where none of their attacks can get you. You just have to keep moving around that cover so that they don’t get a good shot at you. With the enemies that have persistent AoE attacks, you learn when they are about to shoot them, or they move slow enough that you can dash away from the cover and dash back before you take too much damage.

Edit: Another tactic you can use is to run up a ramp and jump off just as they start firing. Some of the boss attacks don’t change elevation, so you can effectively dodge them by doing this.

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I just got Katagawa Ball. Some boss fights were truly difficult to me which feel like an arcade shooting game that you can’t clear tough bosses without memorizing the moves. This is not a game I would play co-op until I master boss fighting.

Katagawa Ball melts under heavy corrosive damage.
Took him out with a blue Torgue pistol that deals massive corrosive damage.
Just had to keep using cover and not stay in one place very long.
He dropped a nice Legendary SMG for me as well which was nice.

Yeah, I found Katagawa ball easy with Moze. I had a shock railgun in one hand and a corrosive railgun in the other. Took down 2 of his 3 life bars with a single Iron Bear usage.

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We’ve done OK until Skywell 27… wave after wave after wave of baddies and almost no ammo. Dislike when game designers do this - not providing ammo isn’t a more challenging game experience, it’s a pain in the ass.


I didn’t play the other borderlands much, i definitely thought Traunt was a steep incline compared to the previous bosses/areas. That being said it took me 2 or 3 attempts at lvl 13 to kill him.

The problem is not about skill trees and damage output. Some bosses have nasty non stop patterns punishing you hard if you cannot dodge accordingly, thus noobs keep dying. I died many times in Katagawa Ball and Killavolt until I became of instinctively dodging the patterns. If I get fully accustomed to, sure no problems.

i had the same prob at first but i was about 16.

i lvld up via side missions and searched for a decent corrosive and a decent shock weapon. there is a block on the left side where you can hide and he hardly can hit you its next to a wall and you got a roof.

when he shoots on the ohter entrence run around and hit him with corrosive and then with shock.

after doing that it was a walk in the park.

try to reach lvl 18 at least

Title of this of this thread is stupidly unfair. You go into a boss fight under leveled and call the game unfair? As i said in another similar thread… You decide the difficulty of this game until it starts scaling with you. Level up to at least be on par with the story mission. Level up higher than it if you are still having trouble. It’s the way all Borderlands games have always been. Don’t be in such a rush to finish the story that you don’t like anyway.


Use cover. I can’t believe no one else has mentioned that yet. I know in BL2 we rarely if ever had to use cover but in most shooters it’s a mandatory thing. When that giant ball shoots almost anything at you just run around the side of something so it can’t hit you then pop out and shoot it while it’s on cooldown. The hardest bosses are the ones that don’t have anything to use for cover, like Killavolt.

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Maybe it is just moze, but since my landing on Eden 6, i am pretty much wrecking stuff to the point were mobs bore me and badasses just need a few seconds of intense firing. From there on, through the complete story, only bosses and anointed enemies were problems.

Little tip, if you are stuck, buy anointed gear. It helps alot

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Traunt is a ‘trick’ boss. Use the corridors around the arena. Just keep an eye out for his ball.

Have you tried switching to easy mode and back? I was having a lot of trouble with one of the games nearly last bosses. being insta killed despite being the same lvl and all gear on par.

Seeing people on youtube with far less shields (2000 vs my 5000) taking almost no damage on normal while i was getting destroyed.

after lots of frustration i decided to switch to easy mode and defeat him that way. I switched back to normal mode and finished the game without any more isseus like that.

Went back to that boss on Mayhem 1 and killed him like it was a joke.

Either the game sometimes glitches boss damange output. or i got a glitch where my game is now permanantly stuck in easy mode :smiley:

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