Balance of this game is stupidly unfair

I killed all bosses till Katagawa ball at 2º or 3º try, but Killavolt killed me like 10 times… But i tried again and again. Loving the game and the boss fights.


I do think the AI for npcs in fights is a lot smarter in this game. Standing still kills me a lot quicker.


I think that is a certain. And it makes me happy

Edit: nice hat btw

Not at all. Every time I’ve had a similar thought, I’ve changed my build in the respec machine and done the bosses first time. I struggled with the electric floor dude and the big ball too. They’re the only times I’ve had major problems. Quick respec and different guns and I’ve smashed them. It’s not unbalanced at all. I feel like a God at level 30 with my almost fully maxed out phase grasp siren. Change your build, stick to tough? Spelling guns for a while until you’ve killed 250 and you’ll get an op gun in the mail. I’m currently rocking a shotty and pistol both with sticky ammo, shoot them all then reload and they all explode at once killing pretty much every enemy easy. Even the attuned are a cake walk with these guns.

Your borderland experience will heavily depends on RNG And how lucky you got with loots. It can go from crazy hard to crazy easy. Now that I have more point in my skill tree , it’s easier overall. Having a few legendary guns in your inventory never hurts.

this, saw this on BL 2 all the time, speedrun the main, not doing any sides and near the end of whatever playthough (NVHM, TVHM) being 6 to 10 levels below the mobs and running into trouble.
I do realize that on some (Not All) of the side missions gave gear that was best farmed at the max level of that playthrough, but so far in BL3 I’ve dome almost all of the sides as I come to them and not one has gave anything worth waiting for.

this , one miniBoss battle I did, I kept a tree planter between him and me as I worked him down.
and as everyone else says, keeping at least even with or 1 level below game scale, upgrade Guns/Gear should get a person through it

I found most boss fight challenging (working on eden-6 2nd key part at lvl 27 Moze) and then something clicked and mobs starting dying a lot easier. I found a nice Leg assault rifle that i use as my main, a cryo sniper rifle (Jakob Reward) and 2 pistols to cover the elemental swapping. I think the big game changer was the class mod with +2 / +3 to 2 blue skills (don’t need to spend a point to get the skill) and an anointed shield that regens health when full. I think keeping weapons at highest max, a good shield and spare class mods to swap between kills you have no points in will help alot.


I am lvl 17 (beastmaster) and have not gotten to that particularly boss, but so far I have found most of the bosses to be quite easy, just like they were in Borderlands 2. I feel they are just about balanced out as to make you be able to learn strats and farm them.

That’s not really a spoiler…it’s not like that thing is even hinted at.

Honestly - the A9k was mechanically hard and soaks up ammo, but I beat him first time. The trick is to know how to move when you get annoying ability overlaps.

The only boss I felt was slightly overtuned for his point in the game is Killa.

Just wait till you fight ‘one punch man’. We got him but it was hilariously frantic mixed with a couple of deaths. A lot of bosses now require some degree of strategy, mainly you won’t find many walkthroughs at this point, or perfected exploits.

*And on Killa, make sure you watch the tiles light up yellow and avoid them.

I agree even on easy but stay in the easy locations I’ve gone with the story before on BK2 I just did side missions and loot everywhere. I’m not a huge multiplayer fan but I see where gearbox is going.

What character are you playing?
Had no issues with difficulty, taking cover at some fights helps tho.

The Spoiler of all Spoilers is as follows: do side missions. If a side mission is too hard, do other side missions. Yesterdaty I got two quest rewards that are designed to make certain hard side misssions much easier to manage.

Take a hard right when you enter in. There is a column you can hide behind and fight from there. Also, sounds like you need to go do some side quests and level up more before taking on that boss.

Actually got up to the middle of UVH on BL2

Oh, and Side Quests have done total ■■■■ for me so far bar Killavolt, my best gun came from gambling at Moxxis, with my second best being the Killavolt SMG

Not talking about getting good guns from side quests. Get the EXP from side quests. Level up. Don’t try to fight bosses when you’re underleveled. It makes a huge difference.

Just move around & use cover for certain parts, make sure to have weapons that can hit him hard

I was frustrated at first with the katawga ball myself it felt like the eos fight from tps, but I found a hidey hole and gradually chewed him down, im just tired of the endless mobbing, seems like I cant take 2 steps without getting into a ten minute firefight.

Opposite for me.

I’m running thru the game.