Balance the Pestilence 😢

Never was a big CoV weapons fan, then the hydrafrost came in dlc2 :heart_eyes:. So started trying other CoV handguns. The Linage, quite good aswell… then found the Pestilence… ow man , talk about disappointment… the dmg dif from the other 2 compared was trivial. Even with a x2 on the dmg they seem to go from 850-600 dmg range, and the lower ones have the x2, making them slightly better, but still junk when compared.

Tried for hours for a x2 dmg mod, gamma burst 115% one, but couldn’t get one to drop. The Pestilent shown is the best one imho of the 20+ drops i got of them. Really sucks cuz at this point id rather farm a radiation Lineage, making this gun just a spot filler…

Linoge only comes in corrosive or incendiary unless you’re talking about radiation damage anointments.

Well that sux even more lol

The SkekSil is also a good COV pistol , comes in fire , shock and corrosive.

No good radiation cov hg tho? :expressionless::persevere: aw man

A good radiation Splainer or Holey Man might actually suit your purposes nicely. Not quite as strong as a Linoge/Hydrafrost, but still good even on M4.

The Hydrafrost was designed to be the best COV pistol in every way (seemingly the design principle behind most of the DLC2 weapons) so anything looks bad next to it.

I have always been a fan of the CoV pistols. I do agree, the Pestilence is subpar to the others, including the purple Holey Man and Preacher variants.

I was really liking my pestilence with Zane until I realized it kept killing me :confused: lol Those DOT’s don’t play. I like some of the other COV weapons mentioned but they are some TITANIC bullet hoses man, talk about chewing through ammo… ouch.

Ikr, but there so fun :smiley: just tear threw some hp. Thinking a bout a cov handgun based moze, still gathering gear for it, and a few more tweaks to skill tree. But it should be interesting to play m4 with.

And oh boy does that reload hurt, even at 60% radiation res, it can do some dmg. But i tried it with the red suit and it was alot better, the aoe from the reload wrecks stuff, and with the red suit, your immune to it, fixing and making the reloaf beneficiary and ended up with a GB x2 dmg mod, and it was still… unterlly disapointing of a gun… so sad. Love my radiation flak and a gun “made” for the build is so weak, couldnt fatham the trivial amount of dmg it would do on m4 on a dif vh.

The problem with buffing the pestilence is that the damage of the explosion is probably scaled off that. I would assume then that taking it too high would kill the user far more frequently.

A common pestilence setup is red suit elemental projector and using the explosion as damage too.

Note : redsuit and pesty both drop from the Atom and Sylestro fight. This cannot be unintentional.

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From what ive gathered, stuff in bl3 that blows up untraditional, ie: soulrenders, bombs moze drop from class mod, botd, clairvoyance, ex. There is no way its scales to the initial dmg. And if it does, it dont see y they couldnt code it to maintain its current reload dmg, and up the base weapon dmg for it.

The clairvoyance is literally an exact copy of the gun damage.

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Maybe you cant read or even recognize dmg numbers… not trying to be rude, but wtf. Lol a clip of 12 clairvoyance chots will move a m4 ba’s bar 1/10. The explosions following it kill it, on any of the 4 vhs, vut way wprse on moze , nownim now mathematician, but 1/10 of a bar is trivial, considering the exsplosions clear the remainer, and work its way through the next bar of they got it. Appreciatr the input but please bring some backbone and facts tp your arguements. :v:

Lol, what. I test things. Clairvoyance doesn’t get splash bonuses. It doesn’t get added damage per sticky. We’ve done the testing. The stickies are the exact gun damage. I don’t know what happened in your example, but it doesn’t add up to anything we’ve tested.

However. If you have any other questions, here’s the thread with a lot of the things you mentioned


Um it doesnt take " testing" to see a health bar vanish… just saying, but ow well, you keep on " testing" your doin a good job. :zipper_mouth_face::confused:


CoV Pistols are pretty fun to use.
The Skeksil is by far my favorite. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned but there’s a rare (blue rarity) CoV Pistol called the Blasphemy which I personally love. It’s an Alien barrel gun. I’m sure it can come in Radiation and should def. be better than the Pestilence.

Cool, ill keep an eye out :blush: