Balancing hw1 races as it should have been

Hi there. I, like many of you, made some researches regarding the balance of races. Here are my thoughts about it all:

  1. Kushan/Taidan lack in armor HP and speed. It can be neglected by enabling the repairs by support frigs and repair corv BUT. You MUST give option for support frigates to repair CORVETTES!!! It is not logical. On top of that make sure that they FOCUS their repair and make them from the distance like it was in hw1

  2. Make salvage corvs able to capture many targets at once by 1 command. Now you need to give order to each enemy ship. And for Christ’s sake. Reduce the cap size of 14 salvage corvs. They still need to get to carrier/mothership with that ship.

  3. I understand that hiigaran/vaygr can have marine/infiltration units but being able to capture a MOTHERSHIP is not a thing to pass.

  4. Formations are a joke. They are not held by units and even an disadvantage for them. Sphere formation is even preventing 70 ceptors to move anywhere! On top of that fireball is not working and if you order attack 1 ship they are not surrounding it. It is pointless

  5. Corvettes are obsolete. I’ve done the following tests:

70 ceptors vs 42 lights
70 ceptors vs 42 heavies
70 ceptors vs 42 multies

only multigun corvettes managed to destroy their target (and it took them WAY too much time to do so). Heavies just danced with ceptors and no group managed to kill each other, lights managed to do even more damage! There is no reason to build corvs at all. Corvettes should not have moving turrets as it has been mentioned before!

During the 2nd mission I was not able to kill 3 fighters with my 8 heavy corvetts, which is just a joke!!!

  1. Warp inhibitor. Hiigarans have an advantage. It works all the way, you don’t have to do anything, while taidan need to activate grav well in order to prevent someone to jump in. Please correct me here if i’m wrong.

  2. Taidan defense field frigate should not have to power up in order to block non-ion cat weapons. It was the biggest beauty of it.

  3. Kamikaze ships will still sacrifice IF the ship has already been destroyed, especially the big ones so this should be fixed.

  4. Building supercaps should be fixed for kushan and taidans as it has been mentioned before.

This would be all for now. If i find anything significant or remember i’ll post here :slight_smile:

Fire control subsystem is overpowered vs kushan fighters