Balancing Incursion

Most of the time I don’t play Incursion as of late because of Marquis players who are exploiting/cheating, however when we hop into matches that don’t involve a cheese it seems the battle on both maps often becomes too one sided after the fall of the first sentry.

I know there are some suggestions out there, for one or both maps, but please feel free to respond or share yours :]

-Over shield minions should spawn for the enemy team.-
Super Minions are a staple of a MOBA style match type, i.e. the over shield generating boat looking buddies, and including them in Incursion after the fall of the first sentry makes sense however I think applying counter intuition here would help us in a potential step one to making the “second half” of the match a better competition. As the bold text reads: the over shield minions should spawn for the team that loses their sentry, NOT the team that already has the advantage. Consider it a method of bolstering defenses in the face of losing a defense point.

You see it often on the match type. One team takes the sentry, and quite often they are not pushed back because this one “super minion” allows their minions to have so much more life. The team that takes the first sentry already has a large advantage, and it seems that this could be turned down through switching who receives the minion buff.

-No more nice things for these people who are moving into OUR HOUSE!-
Taking “the hill” on Overgrowth is the highlight of this idea. If the team that takes the first sentry can take the healing station and the missile turret this is another easy advantage for them to acquire on top of their compounding advantages and can all too often make it less of a match and more of a crushing.

Echelon is even worse with this, as your minions will funnel through a choke, into a set of turrets, two of which are slowing and area effects.

This could be solved by reducing the number of turrets that the opposing team is allowed to activate.

-Emergency defenses are activated-
The first sentry for both maps feels like an actual siege. The second could benefit from the same feeling. With the fall of the first sentry, perhaps additional weapons platforms for the team that lost the first sentry could become active. I imagine on Echelon, two or even three turrets at the top of the stairs aiding the team that has suffered a loss in the defense of their final objective and aiding them in pushing back the onslaught. These turrets can’t be built until after the first sentry falls.

It is also worth noting that Echelon could likely benefit from a medium sized shard cluster in each team’s base. I like the element of using a different, cheaper build on the map, potentially using shard generators, but for the sake of counter pushing, those extra shards could help.

I hope some of ya like these ideas, might get behind em, and maybe GB will even find some sparks here. I also want to note that I know how difficult some of these changes could be to implement, and still want to express an appreciation for what you guys do, GB.


Incursion does currently cause too much snowballing after taking the first turret. However I do not think aiding the losing team is the solution. Snowballing is an important part of MOBAs and the leading team should have an advantage. Right now the advantage is just too large. GBX is planning to reduce the number of overshield minions that spawn with the next patch. Depending on the scale of the reduction, I believe this is the correct solution to the snowballing problem.

Apologies if I make it sound like the team that has lost their sentry has an advantage, that is not my intent, it is simply to prevent excessive snowballing. I DO think that losing a sentry and gaining a couple turrets, or an over shield minion is still a loss compared to a sentry, those things shouldn’t be taking as lightly as some players treat them [likely a learning curve thing].

I would also argue that while snowballing is important in a MOBA like experience, taking a single tower shouldn’t be a lynch pin, it should be a strong step forward. In Heroes, Paragon, Lol, Dota, you can lose all three front towers and still crush the enemy team, and I think there is too little opportunity for that here in BB.

I agree there is too little opportunity. I think it was probably made the way it is because it is harder for individuals to snowball having only 3 items and a level cap of 10. Still, I’m looking forward to the coming changes to incursion.

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