Baldur reflecting bullets?

i know it’s not on his helix but i swear i killed several minions with their own bullets playing as boldur.

now that it surfaced in another thread, can anyone playing boldur confirm/debunk this? it’s actually taking away my sleep

and if anyone has OCD you know im not even sleeping today T_T

Was Isic in any of the game’s Boldur was in? If so, there’s your answer… (Never actually played Boldur, but he’s never deflected my bullet’s as Isic or any gun character really…)

@ZombieGuy just tested it, i dont seem to be reflecting bullets =/ just standing infront of a Stinger Turret with my shield up

There were probably bullets from a source you didn’t see. Teammates, minions, turrets, etc.

HOW?! ._.

i mean, how are you testing it if beta is off?

Early Access .w. got a key. Its pretty empty though so its mostly Bots and PvE, mostly just running around as boldur trying to boldurdash stuff from different speeds and angles and helix’s and seeing what happens. I slide around a mob and went off the map x3

i don’t want to say i hate you but i hate you.

lucky you, im working two turns, morning and night, i only have a few hours at the evening and that’s it. im even working on saturdays, and i fell that emptyness in the stomach every time i see the counter and wishing i could boot up the thing and just smash some minions for a couple of minutes.

oh well. only 12 more days to go.




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You dont hate me n.n we’re boldur brothers. Anything you want me to try for you? Mostly double checking boldurs mechanics because i really think boldurdash is ineffectual because of his terrible POV, doesnt really suit his role, and its a clone of montanas superior charge (and montana is an initiator!)

just enjoy the thing.
say, some people say they got skins beyond recolor, and i did got some taunts that were not listed, and some colors that weren’t listed so im guessing there’s a ton more to unlock than meets the eye. have you come across any weird skin? (for anyone) i got a “diamond” skin for kelvin, and it looks very cool, but im guessing it’s just another recolor.

Nah have only unlocked normal skins and the boring taunts :frowning: