Ballistics Modelling- Better, but not 100%

I’ve been working on a mod which, among other things, is meant to simulate proper ballistics for most weapons. I need this because a crucial part of my mod involves things like anti-missile defense.

Before, the only real way to simulate ballistics was to make all bullets actually mini missiles with no maneuvering ability. This was a painful way of doing it and never worked very well for me.

I’m exploring this new system but I’m still having a slight amount of difficulty getting it to work as well as I would like. The reason for this being that the new system doesn’t seem to actually be based purely on ballistics. Even when ballistic mode is enabled, bullets which are “aimed” guide themselves onto target like missiles. I tried to compensate for this by reducing accuracy for a hull defense gun to 0.001 (meaning very, very few bullets will be “aimed”) and reduced the noise added to the miss cone to 0.001. This approximation of ballistics is good- it hits stationary targets nearly 100% of the time at close range and fast moving targets give it more trouble. Almost none of the bullets guide themselves onto target anymore.

Unfortunately those pesky AA gunners on the Vaygr carrier I’m using to test this seem to be absolutely terrible at leading a target- they have no problem hitting stationary things but the instant something begins to move, the gunners put on stormtrooper helmets and start to lead by about 10 meters too much or too little, thus missing fighters which are just flying in a straight line.

The hull defense guns should be able to hit something with a constant velocity but it seems they can’t line up the shots so they are in the right place at the right time.

Am I missing something, or is this just the way the ballistics system currently works?

For reference, here are the relevant parts of the file:


setMissProperties(NewWeaponType, 0.001, 0.001, 1, 1, 1, 1);
setSpeedvsAccuracyAgainst(NewWeaponType, 1, 50.0, 1.85, 100, 1.0, 200.0, 1.0, 300, 1.1, 500, 1.5);
setLifetimeMult(NewWeaponType, 1.65);
setFireMultFactor(NewWeaponType, 1.0);

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^^^ that’s the old RNG with huge amounts of deflection both leading and trailing. The reason it’s working for stationary targets is that you’ve nuked the miss cone. The reason you’re seeing steering bullets is that you’ve specifically enabled the RNG.

Set the accuracy high, comment out the speed ranges (because they aren’t doing anything for you) and:


Increment the decimal up by 0.1 for deflection strength leading for each test. Never use 1.0,1.0 unless stormtrooper spray is desired.


What? No. You didn’t set it up correctly then… And you can set up how much 'leading is done as well…

Ah - Cole got here first! Doh!


To clarify, the first value for setBallistics(NewWeaponType,1,1,1); enables the classic HW2 RNG system, which is disabled by default in HWRM? Meaning, if we want to preserve the weapon performance of HW2C weapon files in our mod, we have to add this property to our old weaponfiles and specifically enable the RNG system?

No - I think it defaults to old HW2 style when this new command isn’t used… Preserving old HW2C behavior/performance is probably a whole bunch of factors though…

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How many ships use the new ballistics system? Does every race have at least a few? Are there races with more than a few?

I think the RNG has been preserved in some of the capital ships, because I’ve seen heavy cruisers cannon projectiles chasing after a bomber almost half a map sideways, it was funny but strange at the same time because the target should have been out of range several seconds before the bullet was fired.

LOL! It might have just been a particularly stubborn projectile!


You cannot outsmart boolets!

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If I wanted to preserve the weapon behavior of a HW2C mod being ported over to HWRM, what major factors will I have to take into account?