Balloony headed Moze?

Today as I started play I noticed my Moze character’s hear had expanded and her body appeared smaller. Then I noticed many if not all tinks and some other characters with the same affliction. What’s going on please!?!!?that’s

mayhem modifiers.

Not playing mayhem mode

uh oh

I would double check that. If you just completed the story mode then mayhem would have been turned on automatically. Galaxy brain is what does the big head mode.

If it is truly turned off, I’d put in a support ticket.

Ahh I do remember Tannis saying something about mayhem, I thought I had to do something to turn it on.
I’ll bet that’s the ticket. It does give a better target on those bobble head tinks.

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Yea, galaxy brain is great for hitting crits. Bump up to mayhem 8 and you can pair it with the holy crit modifier.

I had it stick for some reason a while back. And it was about 50% of her body. Even after switching to other modifiers, the big head stuck and it was affecting everyone on Sanctuary. Pretty crazy. Glad it was only that modifier and not the floor is lava.

EDIT: Here are some pics of that delightful day.

Getting into Iron Bear was a bit of a squeeze.

Tannis with her big brain.


Kinda funny that tannis for all her arrogance has a tiny head in that mode lol

I’m going to have to check that out.

I just mean the pics he posted lol nothing serious just seamed tennis has a smaller head thus brain versus her ego lol

Yeah, it was a strange bug/feature. The NPCs had the standard Galaxy Brain sized heads. But my Moze had a huge head, much bigger than normal for that mod. As you can see, it was during the Cartels event, and I think I had crashed or fast-traveled to Sanctuary and crashed. So it seemed like the Galaxy Brain mod was applied again, to her already Galaxy-sized head. Then it just stuck even when I had different modifiers.

I wish the enemies’ head were that big.

A big thanks to those of you that explained the balloony head situation. It was in fact that the play through triggered the swelling.:joy:
Turned mayhem off heads went back to normal.

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