Ban Beatrix Day (aka, Draft Day) Not Today?

So, it’s Saturday, I’m going into queue excited to ban Beatrix every game and target ban my friends for the trolls, and it’s not there. Is there no draft today or is something just being delayed. @Jythri @JoeKGBX any answers?

On PS4 by the way.


You could have just pm them instead of opening a post. The answer: it’s not the time for it yet.

I thought that Draft queue started earlier in the morning.

Aww… I thought this thread was a petition to start a “no Beatrix event queue”, and i scrambled for a virtual pen to sign with…

“I thought you said ‘Vigilant Power Scooter’. Now i am disappointed and angry…”


No, draft should be up by now.

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Yeah it should be up, wasn’t mentioned in the Battleplan. A bit disappointed cus Draft is probably the best Battleborn time but oh well :stuck_out_tongue:


Funny i see this thread immediately afyer thinking ‘its draft day’!

and now i is a sad. well, they have matches going on on pc so i guess ill keep hanging out there.

@lequizachris: You’re now free to play Mellka. :wink:

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uhh innocent bump out of interest for some dev such as @Jythri to see if Saturdays will still be draft day?

Yes, my apologies. Versus Draft will be back on Saturday, June 3rd as expected.

We had an issue that prevented the queue from changing out normally on Saturday. It should be all good now.


Perfect! Thanks :slight_smile: