Ban this cheater please. Aimbotting

Its pretty obvious from his name alone and account level. But i played against him and he was Marquis. Everytime I went to flank him he would head shot me really unnaturally while running around in circles. He ended up with a score of 40 something kills by the end of the game. It was obvious cheating, i reported him through steam but i see he still been playing since then. Thanks!
Funny thing is the 2 other games which He plays are games known for excessive cheating… Its like this account is specifically made for hacks.

Usually when people “play” games with VAC protection they make accounts just for them, so that their main account doesn’t have the risk of getting the VAC mark.

Dirty play, but what else would you expect from hackers.

For the future man try and get like a video or some type of evidence that would help out more. Yeah he has a sketchy steam profile and all but he could also be new. Just for future reference. Even a screen shot of the scoreboard at the end of the game could provide some info.

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