Bandbox Attack Bug / Not working

I’ve noticed this many times already in the heat of battle. @bitvenom @thisquietreverie

When I am trying to micromanage and bandbox attack my hig fighters to attack a certain unit, they do not listen to my commands. This completely ruins micromanaging battles.

I even moved my fighters away first and then tried bandboxing attacking them again and they still chose to attack whatever they wanted.

This is frustrating because it takes the battle control right out of my hands which can easily turn a game.

I noticed this with hw1 corvettes. Used them to attack mothership. When almost destroyed I sent them away… They didn’t budge and got wiped out. Serves them right.

Later I used light/heavy corvettes again and when I wanted them to go through the cloud of fighters to attack frigates, less then 1s after the command they decided to attack the closest enemy. Tried to move them back and go around, they didn’t budge and kept fighting the fighters.

Dunno if it’s just corvettes or not, but this is making the game >>literally<< unplayable.

p.s. I know I had corvs in a wall formation in at least one instance of them not listening, but I can’t remember about the other times.

Check the settings (aggressive, defensive, evasive). If you set ships to aggressive they’ll go after anything and everything, even when you try to move them away. Defensive will get them to only attack what attacks them or what they’re guarding. It’s more controllable than aggressive. Evasive will keep them from attacking anything until you give them orders. It will also keep them from killing something you want to capture.

I think you misunderstand. I understand the stances.

They just won’t respond to my bandbox at all. It doesn’t matter what mode they are in.

I’m pretty sure I tried switching all that and nothing helped. The existence of the problem is supported by the fact that frigates seem to work as they should and when the mothership was starting to explode there was no other target, frigates flew away, yet corvettes were paralyzed.

And if you have two targets in range, aggressive squad attacks one and refuses to attack the other when you select it, that’s straight up whack.

All I am saying is that bandbox attacking targets does not work at times. They will not attack targets in battle that I want them too.

The problems you guys mention sound annoying as well, but it is muddling my original and simple point.

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Oh. Right, sorry. It’s still sort of similar and with current radio silence from the devs, 300 new topics won’t help either.

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Oh, I hear ya. I hear ya.

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