Bandit allegiance Maya advice?

I’ve been thinking about starting a bandit allegiance Maya run. I’ve been having a fun challenge with a Dahl allegiance Axton I’ve been doing. The way I did/am doing allegiance is: use whatever you can to start, but as soon as you get a gun/shield/grenade/class mod of the correct manufacturer, you must sell off or drop all other items (of that type) and only use that manufacturer (for that item type) from then on, with a goal of having all one manufacturer in every slot with the exception of relics. Relics must be allegiance relic as soon as I can get one.
So I’ll be using roid shields with Maya, elemental and bladed bandit guns, banshee or cleric class mods only and only bandit grenades, from level 1 to 72. I’m thinking about starting with foresight and 4/5 flicker, then heading down to lifetap in the middle tree and ending up about here near the start of UVHM:
Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Tough call.
Guns are ok, but you only have 2 COM choices and they both suck :stuck_out_tongue:
The Cleric has Lifetap which is nice, but its base bonus are the main thing here. Chaotic evil is probably your best bet. Otherwise, the Banshee Has Backdraft and Bandit makes Roid shields…you could always try a Melee build :slightly_smiling:

I assume I’m going to be meleeing a lot with roid shields anyway. What can I do to better support melee with my skill selections by the start of UVHM? By 72?

@Derch has a Melee siren build, he might be able to help with that :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t go melee, you wont be able to do it without rapier/grog. Bandit SMG’s are really good, even without a cat com. Foresight makes them shoot forever. Chaotic Neutral will really help because bandit suffers fire rate. Not plasma casters just regular SMG’s or of course Tattler. So gear run down


  • Purple/Blue SMG’s
  • Tattler
  • Jolly Rodger/Dog
  • Gub is really good on ARM enemies
  • Badaboom is great but regular Bandit Launchers are not bad at all

Other Gear

  • regular MIRV’s work well with converge
  • Punchee has a low delay and since you are stuck with roids ignore the melee and go for just good stats
  • Chaotic Good/Evil with +6 suspension, +5 lifetap would be the ideal com to get. I say good because Bandits are not the best for hitting crits and while you have big mags when you need to reload it can take a bit. So stacking Good/Foresight/Inertia you can really negate that.
  • Bandit relic with damage and fire rate.

With that set up you have 2 passive fire rate buffs which are huge on bandit guns

I would do that as a build, with the TT com only 1 in both the skills you boost allows you to spend those points else where because neither of those need more than 1 point while boosted.

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[quote=“Chuck80, post:2, topic:1273298”]you only have 2 COM choices and they both suck[/quote]Yeah, this is why I don’t limit COMs by manufacturer; the manufacturer experience is really defined by the guns, shields, and grenades they make.

On your way up through the levels, you’ll just need to do the best you can with what you have. When you get to a point where you can get your hands on the best of the Bandit brand, you should find that they’re quite good. I’m picturing their SMGs with a CAT com… Bone Shredder, Orc, Tattler, Slagga… even a Plasma Caster (if you find one, before you toss it, give it a spin. Remember that the goal is to smother enemies at mid range with it; close or far range is less effective).

Also… clears throat

Here is what Adabiviak is offering, chickadee - Adabiviak will sponsor you. Adabiviak will take you under his muscly wing and will buy you a level 50 Tattler of your choice if you’re on Steam and are still interested in this by the time you get there. I’ve already set up your first fight in the arena.

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Assuming you’re not also planning on betraying me and making me fight a robot dinosaur, I’ll accept :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I have tried this build a few days ago, working through the main quest without too much trouble, but it took me about an hour to deal with the Warrior. The damage output of Tattler, Madhous! or purple bandit smg are no match for Warrior’s health bar so using cloudkill to finish the boss was the only choice I could think of. It has really fun moments when charging into mobs and life tap keeping me fighting. Any way, thank you for the inspiring build!