Bandit Class Idea?

Okay so this thought occurred to me while playing through Lynchwood. This vault hunter idea actually has a story and I would like this to be a community project. We could all elaborate on his/her story and the skill trees and skills.

Here is the idea so the vault hunter is a bandit who befriended Dukino after Borderlands 2 or close to the end. This is the basic story of who the character is.

Dukino will get bigger at certain levels similar to Deathtrap changing appearance based on skills. Also an idea I have for the game changer skill in the red skill tree will be that Dukino can fire a laser beam like his mom. The skill could be called Mama’s Boy.

Green Skill Tree will be similar to Gaige’s Best Friends Forever skill tree
Blue Skill Tree will be about improving you and buffing yourself.
Red Skill Tree will be about buffing Dukino and maybe involve a stack skill.