Bandit discussion

Oh, and can we all admit that Bandit is a totally useless manufacturer when compared to ANYTHING else?

Not at all. Especially in bl2. @Hattie


Bandit disparaged once again? Just terrible :stuck_out_tongue:

In seriousness, I really like their weapons. Some genuinely brilliant uniques (Tattler, Slagga, Gub, RokSalt, FusterCluck). I really like their bettie grenades, their SMGs in general are brilliant at painting a room with elements/bullets… and best of all are the shotguns, especially low accuracy.

I appreciate it’s not to everyone’s taste but I like them a lot, and even for the less enthusiastic the better uniques have their uses.


You forgot what is possibly their best weapon. The badaboom


Ah, of course! I don’t use RLs that often but it is excellent.


Lol. Nearly every variant they produce is outclassed by something else. They’re objectively bad outside of a few legendaries or uniques.

Okay, this isn’t really the best place to argue the merits of particular manufacturers. It’s a suggestion thread…

So please head back to suggesting things. Ta.


I suggest to keep bandit weapons but perhaps change them, I remember an old concept of a glass bottle for a scope. It’ll be cool to have certain parts that can only go on their matched manufacturer.


Are you aware of how little what anyone discusses in any thread matters? The point of forums is discussion, and that’s why people are here. It’s not like a sidetable in a 900 post wishlist thread is going to cause the collapse of the forums.

If they gave them a little extra something, like S+S had an increased chance to proc DoTs on top of giant mags, then they’d be a little more attractive to use. The problem with them is that whatever advantage there is to using them is not worth choosing them over comparable weapons from other brands.

Of course, there are always going to be folks who feel the need to be contrarian and use the few effective rare guns as a counter argument, when they know full well that when people talk about the inefficiencies of Bandit as a brand, they’re referring to common drops that represent the brand overall.

You forgot that one small rock in Triton Flats that can’t be walked over despite having no 3D height.

Also I noticed a pixel out of place on the menu experience bar when I was level 12 going into 13 with Nisha. Please fix it.

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Normally, that’s true. This thread differs in that we want a thread that the devs can access relatively easily without having to sort through normal forum exchanges. If folks simply have to discuss Bandit, make a new thread, please.

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My counter arguement (excluding uniques, for your sake) bandit launchers are fantastic, my favourite intact. Bandit SMG’s are fantastic, my second favourite, bandit shotguns are truly great, bandit pistols and assault rifles are the one I can understand not liking, they need to be changed.

I guess my point is that they got the launchers, SMG’s and shotguns are all great. The manufacturer isn’t the problem it’s the pistols and assault rifles, however I assume in borderlands 3 they will completely change the weapon system. I’m looking forward to whatever they bring.

Edit: I miss S&S, even though I like bandit I prefer S&S.



Edit: look what happened! A whole new thread where this is on-topic!


Is there really that much to discuss about whether Bandit (/Scav) weapons should be in Borderlands 3 (which I took to be the point of this comment, I don’t follow the original thread much)? Some people like them (and lots of people like some of them); many don’t. They’re stereotyped as crud, which admittedly they kind of advertise, but the reason I dropped in is to register that they’re not unloved… and because I think the weapons that risk being more of an acquired taste definitely have a place in the Borderlands. As nobody has to use them, and Borderlands clearly tried to cater to a diverse market and not streamline its guns to be purely pragmatic / to all tastes, I don’t see much of a reason for campaigning to get rid of them in the future. Personal opinion, of course. Back to my Chopper!


I do love bandit shotguns (with a jackobs barrel) I feel that they are plenty effective and I like the big mag on those


I will say I don’t have much love for them outside of their uniques, but at the same time I feel the same way about Maliwan and they seem to be the most popular manufacture. Bandit weapons just have too much of a lopsided balance, much like the Elephant gun. And there is a bunch of things that fuel their stigma past that. Many of which spawn during the leveling process, and the nostalgia from when you first started playing BL2.

That said I don’t think the hate they get is unjust, and I see very little reason why S&S couldn’t just re-replace them, and “happen upon” the rights for roid shields. As I’m not against them staying, but I think there would be too much crossover if they brought S&S back.

Here is the gear Bandit manufactures, and my opinions on it without getting too detailed.

  • Assault Rifles - Objectively bad. But this is partially because of how poorly ARs were handled, and the fact they didn’t get a good Vladof spin barrel.
  • Pistols - Objectively bad. When an Anarchist has a 65 mag, is much more accurate, and has twice the fire rate; there is no reason to use them.
  • SMGs - Plain and simple E-techs killed their reputation in BL2, and the better designed characters killed them in TPS. They may have the best purple SMGs, but who cares when there are Hyperion Plasma Casters in the next rarity tier. I don’t fault the devs for trying to be different with Bandit, but it doesn’t change the fact it wasn’t successful. And they didn’t make a resurgence in TPS because no one really uses SMGs.
  • Launchers - By far the best weapon type Bandit makes, but for BL2 it’s the same story. E-tech killed their reputation, and trying to be different just hurt them again. And in TPS you can only gain so much praise from a weapon type that is basically designed by the devs to only be used in FFYL, but you don’t die or need rockets in TPS 97% of the time.
  • Shotguns - For as much as I praise their unique variations, I will say I have not personally found a reason to like the non-red text ones. I mean a year ago Chuck finally got me to accept Tediore Quads in a niche situation, but that has yet to happen for the base Bandit SGs.
  • Shields - Without a doubt the largest success point of Bandit. They are extremely unique and Zer0 makes it so that he’s basically their sales rep.
  • Grenades - I hate Bandit grenades. All they did was exactly copy the other manufacture’s grenades, with no changes at all. The only unique thing they did was make elemental mirvs, but they even lost that in TPS.