Bandit E-tech launchers- good or bad?

Comment your opinion with a rational explanation.

Yeah, they’re great for mobbing.

A slag " can cover a crowd in slag. A shock " can take down an entire group’s shields. Etc.

I’ve used them as support weapons in those ways.

I mean more for damage. I have one but i will test it out tomorrow. Mine has All torgue parts with dmg prefix, but it hass maliwan sight, so it reduces its efectiveness.

I like them. I have a corrosive one that is my go-to weapon against constructors. Against regular mobs, use it with a singularity grenade. It is most effective against large and slow moving enemies. Make sure you hit the target with the main projectiles and the little ‘‘bomblets’’. It’s difficult to use, but it is fun and quite effective. I also think they nailed the PRAZMA CANONs design, it actually feels like it was made by a bunch of bandits.

It is important to note, that anything that the increases projectile speed is detrimental, just like with the Pyrophobia.

Yep, that is why at first i got excited when i saw mine, with max damage parts, but then i saw the Malian sight and was annoyed. :frowning:

I wouldn’t use them for damage output, necessarily or even against constructors - for those, a lady fist aimed at the eye is the best - but I guess they’d be good for a backup weapon when trying to score a second wind.

Against Constructors, one weapon beats all, FLAKKER.

OK. If you say so.


jk, but I just love the Flakker so much.