Bandit playthrough

I was thinking about the concept of a bandit playthrough, but I don’t mean in a brand loyalty sense. I mean a playthrough where you play as a a bandit. This would mean

  • No action skill or skill points
  • No class mods or relics
  • Stick to a certain level of rarity (no uniques, purples or above)
  • No badass bar

Other than that, I’m still trying to work it out. There’s a lot of things to consider like maybe only having tediore shields and regular bandit brand lobbed grenades, or maybe not having a rocket launcher/sniper rifle since only specialized enemies have them. I think vendors are ok because Marcus canonically sells guns to bandits.

I’m still trying to iron out the details, so can anyone think of anything else? I’m not positive on the exact things that bandits can likely spawn with (though I have a good idea), and I also don’t know if someone else might have come up with something similar that’s more fleshed out. I’ll try to figure out the rules, maybe it would be best to do that as I go and update the thread.

I’ve done a no-BAR play through, and I’ve done another where I didn’t assign action skills for as long as possible. Which, as it turned out, wasn’t the whole story (for me anyway). Still, it would be interesting to try.

I think the most impressive thing I’ve seen was a no-gear Melee Zer0 run by Bew_ - that took some doing though!

Final thought: a bandit run should be done as Krieg.


I’ve actually decided on Axton because he can get pretty close to a bandit. I think of psychos and bandits as different classes.

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