Bandit SMG quesion

Which is better? Fast Talker,Meat Grinder or a Glitched Bandit 0440 SMG with Bandit barrel (Forgot the name)

Fast talker hands down.

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Depends who you are. Meat Grinder builds Maelstom sligtly faster, if you are fighting bigger enemys. Fast Talker is good for everyone who isn’t Athena, and Athena. Regular Glitched SMG doesn’t even compare.

Jack and Aurelia have skills allowing you to increase accuracy by a lot so they can use the Meat Grinder well. But I prefer the Fast Talker!

Nisha and willhelm and claptrap have accuracy increase skills too. But that’s a lot of skill points invested to make the meat grinder come close to the fast talker

Would you say Torrent or Fast Talker?

Fast Talker.

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Depends on the character for that one though, someone like Clappy prefers the Torrent better cuz how quickly it burns through its mag, as well as the characters that don’t really care as much about the mag size of the Fast Talker (I’m thinking Jack because Athena has her shield out more and can’t really ADS as much), but I know for sure that Clappy likes the Torrent more.