Bandit Technical Monster Tires

Hey there, y’all! I haven’t been able to get my hands on the dlc just yet due to the whole COVID19 business and financial situations. I did see a video of K6 in the dlc where he was driving a bandit technical with monster tires though showing off a new smg. Do y’all know if they are obtainable now in the dlc? I want my big tires!

I have them unlocked for my characters. They are from the main game story mission, but were bugged for a long time.

Were they fixed? I’ve done angels and speed demons on TVHM and normal mode several times across multiple characters.

In last week patch.

The mission reward was just fixed in the DLC patch. But it’s not a retroactive fix. If you do the mission now you can get the tires.

Oh my goodness this is amazing news! Thanks y’all!

Thats what the patch notes says, but I have them unlocked in all my characters, but my last playthrough of main campain was in december.

IIRC the notes say that a retroactive award of the missing items will be in a future patch?

Yes, in future patch. But somehow (I won’t complain :slight_smile: ) it worked already for me.
I saw that Jet booster can be unlocked in DLC, maybe it’s fixed already too (I got them long time ago so can’t confirm that).

I’ll have to check down at Ellie’s next time I’m there.