Bandita Brave head for Nisha, take 2

Hello everyone!

I’ve already asked this here, but nonetheless it wouldn’t hurt to ask it once again in this place too:

Where to get this frickin’ head for Nisha?

I consider this head to be the most badass looking head for Nisha, so I’ve been longing for it for a long time, but still don’t see any legal and confirmed way to obtain it in-game…

The patchnotes of the patch which has been released alongside with the Claptastic Voyage DLC said the following:

Fixed an issue where certain customizations would not be dropped in-game.

I guess Bandita Brave is among those customizations, but it’s still unclear where to get it.

Experienced Nisha players across the platforms, could you give me a hand with this?

I got mine from zarpedon on tvhm mode

If that is true (not that I think @jasvolney is a liar as much as we have heard fantastic and false claims about these heads before) then you should be able to get them from the sentinel because a recent patch added zarpedon’s loot pool to the sentinel.

Thank you for making this thread. I’m not posting very often here, please forgive me the bad english skills.

I’ve been looking for this head since i own the game. On a side note, i love the presequel. greatest gameplay of all 3 borderlands in my eyes, but that’s not the point here.

i exclusively farmed for this head. This are the following bosses i’ve mowed down at least 20 times:
Zarpedon aka Sentinel (same loot pool)
Iwa-blabla (the hidden boss in the first area)

None of those bastards dropped the head for me after ~60 hours of straight boss farming. But it’s not just this head that’s hard (impossible?) to come by. i believe every class in the game has a legendary head but i’m not sure i mostly play nisha.

I checked about 50 different pages on the net for clues or drop locations. Nearly every post claims that it’s dropped by RedBelly/Bosun, The Sentinel and/or vending machines.

But I’m not really sure if i should believe the people, because nobody got a proof in form of a screenshot or something. This was getting really on my nerves and stressed me out because i want that bandita brave so bad.

After hours and hours of farming i gave up. the constant non dropping of legendary heads made me believe that they are all some kind of bugged.

My only solution - and i’m by no means proud of it - was to “voldemord” the head by a 3rd party programm. I’ve never done that before and will never do that again, i just wanted the head so badly.

Sorry for the massive text but this topic irks me for quite a while now.

20 kills is actually a pretty small sample for a rare drop.
Remember the Bunker’s heads drop ? me neither… farmed him over 100 times for Shams and Bitches, and only got 1 head, not for the character I was using…

i meant at least 20 kills, i didn’t exactly count because i would go full-auto-nuts.
i get that you have to farm long time for the legendary heads but there are 6 chars in the presequel and not one head was dropped in ~150 boss kills.

edit: i believe the legendary heads (all of them) are bugged like the celestial claptrap mod. i’ve got no proof for this but it’s just my feeling after killing boss after boss after…

150 kills would have been a good sample size, but unfortunately, not on the same boss means it’s not really valid. Those 20+ kills you spent on Iwajira are kinda wasted (assuming it’s not Iwa who drops the head you are looking for) as are those against the Bosun for example… that leaves your actual number of kills against the one that really drops this specific head much lower.

It’s kinda like the difference between buying 10 000 lottery tickets for the same lottery, and buying a ticket for 10 000 different lotteries: you have about the same chances to win something overall, but that doesn’t change your odds of winning one of them in specific.

oh thanks i don’t know the exact loot pools of the bosses. thanks for clearing up iwa cannot drop the heads.

you know, i don’t really care that much for cusomisations in this game, but that bandita brave just looks so friggin awesome i wanted to get it.

i was getting to the point that the game was becoming less and less fun because of the constant boss farming, so i decided to “voldemord” that thing and now i am really happy because i can progess further with my nisha… and look badass

I’ve been farming the Sentinel for the third day in a row - I’ve got a few legendary skins, a couple of ZX-1, a Longnail, a Zim, three or four Prismatic Bulwarks and just one (!) purple head which is turned out to be Tech Ninja head for Athena.

As you can see, most of the loot dropped to me by the Sentinel so far is of the Zarpedon’s loot pool, but still no sign of Nisha’s Bandita Brave or other heads from this collection (like Handsome for Doppelganger, etc).

Considering that @jasvolney isn’t the first to tell me he’s got his Bandita Brave from killing Zarpedon (not the Sentinel) and remembering my previous experience with her (I killed her one time during the Normal Mode playthrough and she dropped me a Ranger Pink skin), I can suggest that it’s worth trying to farm her in TVHM since it seems that she drops something of her loot pool guaranteed. I’m gonna give it a try in the nearest future.

@Aite on one of my nishas i’m really close getting to zarpy in tvhm
will try what you suggested and farm her

I too looked for this head for the longest time so i wanted to drop in to mention that i too got it from Zarpedon (UVHM) yesterday.

Also you should be on the lookout for a legendary head, not a purple one ;).

dannnngggg… so do you still have to dashboard to farm her?

Zarp’s loot pool added to Sentinel in latest patch.

I have no reason to lie, 200 hrs in bl2 grinding for infinity and unkempt due to glitched loot pools. I got the brave helm from zarp in TVHM. I found it funny as I thought I would get medussa head but nope…

just got one.


was that on invincible or regular sentinel? also tvhm or uvhm? (assuming not nvhm)

uvhm invincible one. Should be the same loot pool though.

true, but I am crazy and they are easy enough to farm either way lol :smile:

I finally got it! Thanks to all who told me that Bandita Brave drops from Zarpedon, I confirm it too!

P. S. I also can confirm that Zarpedon drops the purple CMD0-TP head for Fragtrap as well.

P. P. S. Now where to get the VooDoo Doll head for Nisha?)

Now this thing Heads & Skins needs an update :smiley: