Bandita Brave head for Nisha, take 2

Got the head yesterday from Sentinel, didn’t know what it was until I checked it. Very cool. Farmed the Sentinel <100 times before, so this is defiantly from the new loot pool.

Edit: Regular boss UVHM.

Got mine from Zarpedon.

Actually no they both have different pools

I can also confirm - it can be dropped by the Invincible Sentinel as well as by the Colonel Zarpedon.

It’s better to farm Zarp though, she is way kinder with drops than the Sentinel.

Hi guys. I got the head from UVHM Invincible Sentinel to on my first go. Lucky me (about time, been farming for a Badaboom for days now and no luck so far). Still Missing Voodoo head though. I want to farm Zarpedon but cant figure out how to get back to her.

@Lemongrab17, actually you can’t farm Zarpedon - she’ still non-respawnable, but her loot pool has been transferred to the Sentinel’s one. And I don’t know as well where to get VooDoo Doll head, but I guess it can be dropped by Zarpedon/Sentinel.

Just got mine from Invincible Sentinel (raid version) on normal mode. Good luck!