Bandita Brave head for Nisha

Hello, Vault Hunters.

Does anyone know where and how to get this head?

I should have it. my PSN is ThomasO2559

How did you get it?

I play BL: TPS on Steam, so no way I can get this from you, but anyway I’m not looking for the head itself, just for the way to obtain it.

Rumor has it you have to hit the jackpot on the slots in the Up Over bar or find it in a vending machine.

Yeah, I’ve heard these rumours too, but can anyone confirm them?

And by the way, have you ever seen a head as the Item of the Day?

The patch notes of the latest update for BL: TPS which took place simultaneously with the Claptastic Voyage DLC release say that among the other points:

- Fixed an issue where certain customizations would not be dropped in-game.

I guess it includes Bandita Brave and other unavailable heads too, but Gearbox Support told me nothing about it.

Any suggestions?

Maybe @joekgbx can help you out?

Yea, I just let @Aite know in a PM that there’s really no way to know which specific customizations were “fixed”. Think of it like this: the issue that caused the customizations not to drop was fixed, not the customizations themselves. Does that make sense?

Zarpedon and The Sentinel drop it.
I didn’t take a screenshot but I’m pretty sure I saw it on the floor when I killed Zarpedon.

Is it confirmed? Cause it’s obvious nobody wants to spend tons of hours farming bosses for nothing.