Bandit's Are Over-performing When Compared To Other Enemy Types. It's Their Turn To Get Nerfed

The reason the Slaughter shaft is the pinnacle of difficulty in borderlands 3 is not because of intentional game play design. Bandit Badasses and Bandit Anointed are unbalanced and abuse gameplay and engine mechanics. No other enemy type such as Guardians, Maliwan, or Creatures have mobs that are capable of what Bandits type do.

Bandit types have Badass rocket launchers/snipers with deadly accuracy. They blind you and make it impossible to counter them. That is not a gameplay design mechanic. That is engine abuse. They have NO RELOAD and insane fire rate.

Anoited are capable of doing the same thing. Except They have random immunities that make a high health enemy a chore to deal with. They teleport alot of the time which trivializes position in a game doesn’t even have a cover system.

Maliwan and Creatures and Guardians do not have these enemy types which is why Cistern Slaughter and Slaughter 3000 are balanced endgame challenges RELATIVELY speaking.

Please fix in the next hotfix. These are obvious outliers that are over-performing. If you can nerf guns that are “over-performing” then for the sake of build diversity these enemy types need to be nerfed


Slaughter 3000 is simply broken beyong proper playability but if it wasn’t, sure.


That snipers, Eye Zelots I think, can 3-shots my Moze shield build whenever I’m not regenerating my shield with Vampyr -_-

I think the Badass Zealots with frost-element rocket launcher and anointed are the most annoying.

But it gives the combat some sort of priority list for me to use my abilities for situations like this.
I think it is good for combat to have enemies to focus on that are actually a threat even if the threat is just a visually handicap.

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Take one down, only 50 more to go!

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But then you have annointed militant. Lights a fire under your rear that you’re not allowed to put out. Invincibility makes him a chore and an unfair danger in slaughter areas.

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I think a lot depends on VH and loadout.

For example for me Slaughter Shaft by far is the easiest. Cistern is easy too, but those Prismatic Rakk totally drive me mad with all the stalling and ■■■■. Slaughterstar is hardest for me, because I cleave through all trash like knife through butter, but those 2 mechs are a giant cockblock with my build.

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Those giant mechs are easy, just use a corrosive cutsman. Personally, I use the shotgun on my corrosive Faisor, destroy 1 leg (the giant robots have a glowing crit spot on their thighs), then their chest will open up, revealing a red core where I unload my Faisor (shotgun mode) and kill them in seconds. Faster with a cutsman, though, maybe even faster if I use corrosive Scourge on the chest ‘red core’.

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This does not matter, I have Corrosive Cutsman and what not. The problem is not difficulty, it’s that they take a long time to spawn and take down.

On the other hand, Slaughter Shaft - there is literally nothing there that lives more than 10 seconds for me.

I know. Slaughter Shaft is fastest to clear and most rewarding for sure.

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I feel like the OP is a meta joke about the hotfixes and I can appreciate the subtlety


Agreed, the Bandit Circle of Slaughter is way harder than the other two.

Just play a bit more defensive and use cover, retreat when necessary.
Don´t stand in the middle of the battlefield and wonder why you have more bullets in your body than in your backpack.

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Just despize slauughter systern rakk altitude sucks.

Rocket bandits & annointed are a bit over the top. The rocket bandits should at least have pause after a few rockets. They keep spamming non stop & awful in numbers.

The annioted can teleport, do huge damage & cannot be frozen. Other high damage mobs are balance by being slow or huge hit box.


biggest issue i have are fast firing rocket launcher bandits, at launch they start to smoke obstruct view on the screen, if they hit they white, green, yellow, etc, out your view, they move left or right repeat


I second thid 100%. I had posts about that a few weeks back, stating that banditrs outperform Malliwan and Monsters at a great margin going from M1 to M3. Assuming that we will see M4-6 later in the year, GB must fix the bandits now to prevent the game from beinng a total mess.


I just wish Zanes clone was as good as some of the bandits… :joy:


Guess it is time for them to introduce some kind of anointed versions for the rest of the enemies as well.

no nerf to these over performing enemy types. Outer Worlds here I come