Bandits need to be addressed at higher difficulties

Issue: at higher difficulties, the Bandits become disproportionally difficult to play against, outpacing Monsters and Malliwan by a large margin. Thus, making playing against Bandits, especially in Proving Grounds or Circle of Slaughter, quite unfun.

Solution: Tank Tinks and some of the Annointed must receive reliable weak spots and/or other nerfts to bring them in line with Monsters and Malliwan.

Monsters have the following weaknesses:

  1. Most monsters have flesh only health bars, making them vulnerable to fire. Even in the case when the M3 modifiers are -50% gun damage and elemental damage reduction, the player still can use one reliable high-output weapon to kill them with a reasonable speed.

  2. The armor monsters have only one health bar - the armor - and can be dealt with even with adverse modifiers.

  3. Finally, the two-layered monsters who have shield/armor over flesh are few and far between, have a large hitbox with Crit spots and not have unusually deep health pools.

Maliwan troops have the following weaknesses.

  1. The Heavyweights have a major weak spot that can make them explode.
  2. Flying troops are relatively week.
  3. Most humans have double HP bar of shields and flesh, but not too deep, except for some badasses.

The NOGs are a bit of an issue with high speed, shields and endless shield boost spamming and may need to be toned down a bit.

Bandits lack any weak spots in the following cases:

  1. Annointed Millitants - large HP pool and TWO!! separate invulnerability phases. This makes them very frustrating to play against when the clock is ticking and you have 3 Annointed trading places and turn immune, while the remaining 10 bandits are raining grenades on you with their +2 enemy projectile modifier on. Immunity does not work well with trash mobs and should be reserved for individual bosses.

  2. Tank Tinks - these have a sandwitch of three !!! health bars: Shield, Armor, and Flesh to help them with their small hitboxes and coming in groups of 3. Together with 3 Annointed, this results in 6 tanks simultaneously on the field, none of which is easy to kill.

  3. The rocket launcher Bandits who have Armor and Flesh - not that difficult to kill, but their rocket spamming results in total blinding (visual clutter) making it impossible to aim.

Proposed solution - to bring the Bandits in line with Malliwan and Monsters, the Annointed should lose their invulnerability. Tank Tinks should lose their Shield layer and maybe be given some additional armor instead. Spawn rates for rocket bandits should be decreased and their HP reduced.

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

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Might be time for you to lower your difficulty.
Problem solved.

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The issue is not whether the content is difficult for me. Without turning this thread into a pissing contest, I do quite fine at M3 and I am ready for M4 when released. The issue is that a subset of enemies become disproportionaly more challenging compared to the rest of the pack. It is both unfun and trivialized the rest of the enemies.

I like the bandit strength in m3 - I have to be careful or Iā€™m mince meat. Maybe the others need buffed?