Bane of my existence

Tiny hit box characters like Orendi, Alani, and Melka.

Any ideas?


GET GUD! Nah I’m just messin’ with you. They’re a pain no matter how gud u get. I like to offhand melee them into a corner and spam offhand melee until death. or flank and push them into my team for focus. They often don’t see it coming.

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Save slows for them, trust me when characters like that get slowed, they don’t really stand a chance, oh and AOE attacks


Marquis, Orendi, and Thorn are the types of characters the devs are no longer creating due to frustration of he player and difficulty balancing. Thus Kid Ultra’s bulkiness. So the creators agree :acmaffirmative:. Idk what to do about them though. I’d reccomend Whiskey Foxtrot or a melee

Omg Thorn is ridddiiiiculously easy to escape with. Have run around at double-digit life past whole teams and minions at times and survived (barely) it’s insane. Any other character in the same situation woulda died 10x over @_@

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As a marquis main these characters are a bain and a blessing cause there ussually squishys and a well placed bindleblast or crit can ussually almost one shot them but there so dange hard tobhit in the first place I swear no matter how many times I’ve faced melka’s I’ve never been able to kill them more then twice orendi and thorn are a different story orendi’s hit box is humongus and with my loadut I’ve two shotted one before with crits and ussually when I face thorns as marquis I can ussually kill them easily cause there movements are pretty predictable

No way Orendi should do that much damage. And I wish they’d nerf Alani back into the ground. It doesn’t seem right to me that characters like that can push to the front of the lane and frequently escape.

a fringe hit from sfp for 300 (the radius is larger than its shown, even if none of the animation even grazes you, you’re still hit) then anywhere from 900-1.2k from the ult that goes through every target within range. pretty crazy. Hell, I call bull on even deandes ult. you want to hit for 1k+ damage while not even able to counterattack, fine, but stunning me for the whole 3-5 seconds it’s going? nuh uh, get out of here with that nonsense.

Yeah and Deande’s not even -that- vulnerable during the charge phase. I was trying to gank from behind with a melee right from the start and it ended up going off on me even though she was facing the other way.

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Kleese. Taser.



I know it’s been complained about before, but the minion buff in combination with the aoe nerf was complete overkill and makes the game incredibly unfun when you have to blow your ult to kill a minion wave only to realize that you took so long killing them, that the next wave is already around the corner and all your skills are on cooldown.

Benedict also annoys me to no end.

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Try Toby. His rail shots are easier to hit than I would say most snipers and if you happen to land 2 in a row on these thinner characters they usually have to fall back

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She’s more worse off than she’s even been, so idk what your talking about here. My advise is don’t get scared off when she heals herself with Geyser or Osmosis, it looks like a lot of health but it really isn’t. Plus now she just used her 25 second cooldown skill which didn’t stun you, or her 9 stacks of Osmosis along with the +30% movement speed boost it granted. Odds are they aren’t skilled enough to get a meaningful amount of stacks before they die, and they just lost a lot of their escape options.

Its a placebo/psychological effect Alani’s health bar shows you. As since she has the second smallest health pool in the game, any heal looks big. Experiment with intelligently pursuing an Alani kill after she heals, you’d be surprised how f’d an Osmos-less Alani can be if they don’t have bot like aim.


Want an other psychological trick? Get a shield when breaked gives shards, attack speed with hp and -139 shield, doomsday key.

Run around with full shield and a fun attack speed gear every 5 seconds

Yes, Toby is the answer to many problems in life.


Thorn’s not that bad and neither is alani.

Melka and Orendi on the other hand are pretty damn tough to hit.

You should just play kleese or pick Kelvin.

Montana is boss due to volume of fire. If you manage to dash one it’s game over.

Doesn’t hurt he’ll beat Kleese in a DPS match 10/10. He’s one of the few characters where you don’t hear their mains complaining about the shock taser.

Yeah but if you’really working on a tough kill like Galilea for instance and all of the sudden Alani burst heals her then it’sinfuriating. And i’m seeing alot of the Alani/Ambra combo now which is insane.

Yeah it is definitely demoralizing and actually a large amount when she rescues other players. But Reyna also in total rescue heals for about the same amount by level 6 on a 12 second cooldown, which also heals herself for the same amount.

I only meant that post to show it’s a lot easier to deal with Alani herself than you’d think. Her healing other players is a different story.