Bane SMG Replica

Hi all,
Just created my first post because I was advised to try the forums. I’ll just paste below the email exchange with 2k support that led to this.

Sorry to create a ticket for this but I have been trying to send you a message through the “Let Us Know Your Thoughts!” channel but I keep getting “There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.”.
I would like if possible to make a request.I have been a Borderlands fan since the first game and acquired and played all the titles. I am also an airsoft enthusiast and player.As such I had a recent idea.
I would like to know if you would allow me to make a functional 3D print of the Borderlands 2 Bane SMG to use on my airsoft games. I realize this may not be possible as it is something that belongs to your IP rights and I also do not now if and when I could make one 3D print, but it’s something I would like to pursue on the near future.
If not I would like to suggest that maybe you could talk with some of the existing airsoft companies to create some replicas based on your Borderlands games.That is all, thank you and have a nice day.

"Hey there,

Thank you for contacting 2K Support.

I understand you would like to know if you are able to 3D print an airsoft gun. Unfortunately I do not have the information on this subject. As such I recommend you reach out on our forums.

If you have any additional feedback or questions, please feel free to let us know in your next message.

See you on the court,

Robert K.
2K Support"

So, that’s it. I would like to know if anyone has ever tried this and your opinion on the matter. Also I don’t have any experience whatsoever with 3d modeling, engineering or electrical circuitry, which I assume may be necessary to make this but I’m willing to develop some self-taught skills.


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Some of the props builders have made Moxxi weapons etc. with varying levels of functionality, or modified Nerf guns. Not sure about making an airsoft version though. Going to ping cosplayer @NatsumeRyu in case they have links they can provide that might point you towards the information you want.


I’ve definitely seen some 3d models of game armaments on the forum.

I know that @Tracer has made custom Nerf mods that I found impressive. Maybe she can shed some light on your question?

Hi, thank you for answering guys. Well I’m not sure yet but I believe I will have to make a 3D graph model of each part so has to make it possible to print. Maybe there’s another way to make this that I’m not thinking of as yet. A nerf gun is somewhat simpler than an airsoft replica but its a start!
Also I was asking about electrical circuitry because I want the replica to work as the gun in the game. Meaning each time I shoot or reload it uses the proper lines.

I’m afraid I don’t do any functional guns. :frowning: There’s definitely tons of options for doing so though. most functional guns either build just on top of whatever gun theyre using as a base, or they pull the mechanical parts out from the plastic shell and insert it into the gun they build. These are the easiest methods - you can certainly take a foray into modding the actual mechanical parts if they wont fit in your planned build. It all comes down to what you want or need to do to get your desired end result.

I highly recommend (if you have facebook) the Borderlands Cosplay Group at the very least for the amount of resources they have saved to the group (I’m fairly certain they have all the gun files from BL2 that you could pull the parts you need from to get to building what you need in 3D), but also for connecting with people who have specifically done what you’re asking about.

If you don’t have facebook, feel free to DM me and I’ll help you out as much as I can in my spare time. :slight_smile:


Well I don’ t have a facebook account (what century am I from?! I know) and I can’t PM right away because I am a new user but I would certainly appreciate all the help!
I hadn’t considered the modding option but it’s on the table. It’s easier if you just want something for show or to cosplay with but may be a little more trouble when you want to make something to work/play with. I would need to, as you say, mod the mechanical parts and rework the “bodywork” of the replica carefully so as to not let any gaps (it must be waterthight and to be able to resist dust and mud or else the electrical parts of the replica just die). For the price of it I believe it may be cheaper to just make one from scratch (from what I can gather buying a similar replica to Bane [i’ll paste a link below] and trying to mod it would cost me around 800-900 euros - I’m from Portugal by the way) but has I’ve said it’s on the table. If I see I’m not at ease with the 3d modeling and can’t make it work I’ll always have this option.
So, to make it easier to see the similarities i’ll just leave the links off the airsoft replica and the bane gun below as well as a video of gameplay with it (to see the reloading process): this is the closest existing gun/replica to bane I can find. I don’t remember any other real gun closer to it.
On the 3D modeling issue I’ve found some helpfull stuff:
A guide - (althought this was just in a one minute google search, so I’ll have to look a lot more)
Someone who has already made some borderlands guns 3D models
And someone who’s made a cosplay replica (actually just noticed this is an airsoft replica so I’ll try to contact him)-
That’s it