"Bang! You're dead!" Moze build

Nobody asked, so here it is! Moze has a more-than-healthy helping of gun damage & critical hit damage buffs – 2 in Bottomless Mags and 6 in Shield of Retribution – and bonus fire damage in tier 1 of every tree. I’ve been excited about that bonus fire damage for a while, because it reads like it is calculated after crits… but either way, it’s going to be a big deal. Enough fluff. The sniper build!

I really wanted to combust all the skags’ domiciles, but the skill points just weren’t there:


Objective: Gun damage, crit damage, bonus damage. I WILL DAMAGE YOU!!! Unfortunately, Iron Bear becomes a Monty Python “run away! run away!” trope, as the playstyle I envision is very much like a glass cannon Zer0.

Shield of Retribution
The main tree of the build. Gotta take all that gun damage, but our choices are limited because Scorching RPMs back in Bottomless Mags is vital as well.

  • Selfless Vengeance (5/5): Snipers have small mags. Reloading, therefore, is frequent. Your enemies will burn in a very special hell of your own careful making.
  • Armored Infantry (5/5): Free gun damage. If we hang back out of range, behind cover, etc., this should be up most or all of the time.
  • Drowning in Brass (5/5): Although the fire rate hit could be big, we’ll offset it with Scorching RPMs. Yet, the damage buff is so big, it can easily double your per-shot stopping power. And then some. And it buffs allies. Drown me in fire!
  • Thin Red Line (3/3): We’re taking this because it synergizes with Desperate Measures, along with Selfless Vengeance. Unfortunately, it makes my intended playstyle… a bit tricky.
  • Full Can of Whoop-Ass (1/1): If and/or when we need to run away in Iron Bear, this makes sure we’re full up off the hob when we get out.
  • Experimental Munitions (1/1): MOAR BONUS BURNING!
  • Desperate Measures (3/3): With only Thin Red Line, this sits at 30.6% damage buff. Even more, if we use a turtle shield and Selfless Vengeance to further reduce HP.
  • Phalanx Doctrine (5/5): Another stacking damage buff with big potential, and none of Drowning in Brass’s downside.
  • Force Feedback (1/1): This is important for using Tenacious Defense. Speaking of which…
  • Tenacious Defense (1/1): 12% damage for the duration of a Phalanx stack, and 40% free shields after your shield gets stripped. If we strip it ourselves, that’s good damage to start, then critting enemies will reset this skill via Force Feedback. If we have to run away, Full Can of Whoop-Ass resets this skill instead. Either way, we can take full advantage of the 12% damage buff pretty much always. In theory.

Bottomless Mags
We’re really only here for Scorching RPMs… it’s a big crit buff, and the fire rate will help offset Drowning in Brass. Now, how to get there?

  • Cloud of Lead (5/5): Although this will reduce how often we reload if we run all mags to 0, we can’t get to Click, Click so… reload every 5 seconds anyway!
  • Stoke the Embers (3/3): This buffs the 3 bonus fire damage skills we have, and any fire damage our weapons may do. Pretty good value!
  • Redistribution (1/1): Regardless of whether this ammo goes straight to our magazine or backpack, ammo regen is pretty nice. The only issue is that snipers often have small mag sizes… but you can’t get everything. At least we’ll be firing comparatively slowly as well!
  • Scrappy (3/5): So our second wind rocket launchers are easily available. I really hope they have one called the “Panic Button”! (conditional on this being up while crawling in Fight For Your Life. If it isn’t, these points go to mag size: 1/5 Matched Set; 2/5 The Iron Bank.)
  • Scorching RPM’s (5/5): This is a great critical hit damage buff, further incentivizing “smart, not spray” gameplay, but even if we can’t keep up the crits the 7.5% fire rate will help keep Drowning in Brass under control.

Iron Bear armaments left as an exercise to the reader. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The sheer quantity of damage buffs here is staggering. Note that our survival is solely dependent on landing crits! Luckily, I know that at least one planet has some very generous enemies for critting. =)

This build is definitely a bit more finicky about gear than some others I’ve seen. The grenade in particular is going to be tricky – we want to strip our shields to proc Tenacious Defense, but not kill us. Perhaps an explosive transfusion will be a happy middle ground. We will also need to be especially careful of enemies wielding that zappy element. There’s no Vladof Ingenuity to protect us in this build!

Thanks for checking out this build. If you can figure out a way to get into Fire in the Skag Den, please do share! @ me for other unconventional theorycrafted builds as well.

now, if only we could make every shot explode as well…

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So it seems not many have noticed, but it’s clear from gameplay footage during E3 that our first skill point does not get used to unlock the Action Skill. We get 48 points, starting from Level 3. Everyone that has been creating these Level 50 builds hasn’t realized that we actually get one extra point that the BL3 skill calculator doesn’t currently account for.

So…whatcha gonna do with that last point?

I’ve got three ideas. One pulls two points out of Scrappy to put them (and the forgotten point) into Vladof Ingenuity for survival, one sticks those three points into Fire in the Skag Den if there is a good weapon to proc it and crit, and the third is more handling, under the assumption that we’ll need it.


DPS (on the condition I can get a good splash sniper/one-shot-wonder gun):

Handling (the lazy spec):