BANGARANG! Shayne is such a beast!

I don’t know how many actually main her but I’ve been using her almost exclusively.

At first I was focusing on sabotage and shield stealing but as I got mutations unlocked, I learned to love her boomerang more than her melee

So early game I focus on buildables and picking off stragglers until I can get the two helixes where boomerang ricochets and boomerang damage goes up.

By that point I’ve also got upped attack power and attack speed from equipmen.

Now I just hold the left trigger down and decimate mobs and force enemy players to retreat as a death wall of boomerang spam comes around corners doing a ton of damage to everything at once XD. At that point I can even go toe to toe with galilea because I ALSO can stun her and drain shields to keep myself alive while shredding her with boomerangs.

Come level ten? Right helix so Aurox pulls all enemies into one tight spot and hurl the rangs into the cluster so richochet annihilates the whole bunch lol.

It reminds me of how Gaige is meh up until her anarchy stacks get high then its just pull out a three way hulk and own the world!

Bottom line is Shayne may be slow to start but she is so definitely worth the work and wait!

My favorite battle born by far


It kinda reminded me of phaselock, converge, and chain reaction. But I also sometimes get the feeling of Gaige and Krieg with her as well.

She is quickly becoming a favorite of mine

Although I advise never getting Aura of Annoyance. It does virtually no damage vs the other option being instant over shields

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I go with story vs pvp there. In story don’t have survival issues and while those 21 damage ticks are small but I can get enough enemies in the AOE to make it worth it.

I love using her in Meltdown and always go with Aura of Annoyance. It’s great for getting in some AoE damage in on a cluster of minions and draining the overshield that is given by the shepard a bit before I start beating them up. I love running up to other players with it because as they start taking damage they panic and start trying to find me. Then I use Wait for the Drop slow them on top of that. And to REALLY seal the deal I hit them with Holding it Down.

You’d be surprised how many times Aura of Annoyance as given me a kill on someone who was extremely low health as I cloaked up to avoid getting a trade kill.

Will have to try boomerang more, I already use it a decent amount but specing into it might be worth a try :stuck_out_tongue:

Proud to have unlocked Pins and Needles in my fairly casual play, but I’m going right for that Master title :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I skip on it and go for over shield because once I get the ricochet helix for boomerangs, mobs just drop anyway and even more so once you unlock tag team.

But seriously I’m loving how level 6+ or so, Shayne can take on Galilea by herself. That makes me so giddy

And the mutation makes boomerangs do 18% more damage. Now remember that you should already have the skill where boomerangs hit two enemies instead of one. And that you can spam them. Dear god.

Got my “Master of Shayne & Aurox” and ain’t lookin’ back. They aren’t the best damage dealers, or even the best assassin, and definitely not the best Tank…but god are they still pretty good and useful as a combination of all 3.

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Shayne and Aurox is easily my favorite character in the game. I consistently top the leaderboards with most kills, fewest deaths, and most assists, while also having the ability to destroy minions. Im not sure if others just don’t realize how good he is, but Im able to take on any character 1v1, and sometimes have no trouble in a 2v1, and at one point I was able to single-handedly lead my team to victory, going on a 8 game win streak. Honestly I find Shayne can take on Galilea by herself at Level 1, as long as you have the ability to run around and aren’t hanging out on the opponents side of map.

Welcome Committee: This should be a no brainer. The overshield lets you run away by fetching an enemy chasing you, or also allows you to do more damage than you would do during Stealth Strike to an opponent. Aura of Annoyance just allows your opponent to know, “hey theres an invisible guy following me”. Without it its much easier to escape, and easier to chase enemies and just exit Stealth Strike in their face.
Wait for the Drop: This just helps even more, because in my opinion slowed>extra damage, since you’re then able to do that damage plus more following the enemy. Its also 10 times easier to get that boomerang kill.
Boomerang Bounce: Absolutely wrecks minions, and serves as a substitute to Aura of Annoyance if you wanted to use that to clear out minions.
Holding it Down: I understand many may think that actually “fetching” the enemy is the best part, but you need the stun. Not only does it last longer, but its more helpful at running away, and lets you do much more damage. With the stun, Im typically able to kill Oscar Mike, Orendi, and anyone with equivalent health to them in one stun.
Don’t Stop Running: Lets you escape more easily, and theres little to no reason for that shield when you get an overshield.
Shield Smasher/Sneaky N’ Resilient: Neither are great, but I go with Shield smasher personally.
Bigger, Badder Djinn: The health regen is negligible, while the shield increases significantly. (300 I think) This practically turns you into a tank, and after level 7.
Sustained Stealth: 6 Seconds of Stealth Strike extra? It allows you to practically go from their base all the way back to your base with this. Between this and the level 7 skill, its nearly impossible for you to die again.
Quite Fetching: The damage is pretty low, while the cool down rate is just very helpful, although this could go either way.
Aurora Beckons: All this shield penetrating/stealing really isn’t that helpful, while slowing them and drawing them in turns Tag Team into a devastating ultimate attack. Should be a no brainer.

Personally I think tier 6 and tier 9 are the only ones that could be switched. If you don’t use this build already, I HIGHLY suggest giving it a few games to test out.

Here’s how I’ve been building

Lv 1 - Welcome Committee.

This is obvious. It essentially gives you three full shields they have to go through if you tap it when your regular shields are down. Aura of annoyance is only useful for prevent shield recharge as it doesn’t do any real damage.

Lv 2 - Wait for The Drop
Honestly its a toss up. It depends on what I’m feeling. Sometimes I do extra damage especially with the lv 3 skill.

Lv3 - The Power of Two

All three are good options depending on your build. Id been going for Boomerang Bounce until I got the mutation, but now extra 18% melee damage when Aurox is active is just too good to pass up.

lv 4 Holding It Down. Being able to stun enemies is a godsend especially against heavy hitters. I never saw the point if we’ll take everything

Lv5 The Immortal Aegis
Couple that with Welcome Committee

Lv 6 Sneaky n Resilient
Making cloak better for escapes

Lv 7 Boom Goes The Boomerang
Extra 18% boomerang damage is great.

Lv 8 Sustained Stealth
Like 9 seconds of stealth? Hell yeah. I run past teams to take their resources and buildables

Lv 9 Quite Fetching
For more stun and over shields

Lv 10 Aurox Beckons
Pulling whole mobs into a single cluster. Not as useful since I stopped getting boomerang bounce but still better than Aurox Hungers since that one doesn’t pull.

Shayne is a girl

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Might’ve typed “he” on accident in my post, I knew that she’s a girl lol my bad.

Here’s the proof that the build I posted works, if anyone doubted me

More importantly, where did you get that color I want it!

found it in a Rogue Loot Pack, there’s a bunch of cool things in them

I keep getting stuff for reyna instead who’s the only rogue I DONT like using lol.

I did get a taunt for Toby at least.

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The ability to grab everything is usually the skill I love going for if I see minionsome that I need easy xp for it can use it to bring everything I need. If I am fighting a galilea Miko combos I can bring them both to me and my allies cause most rando I know there is one fighting them while the rest are keeping our distance once we see galilea use her desecrate ability I can pull them both out to bring them into our territory. Also rarely do I find people trying to fight me even though I’ve pulled everything usually the shock is enough to send them running again. It’s an annoyance tool I use for my team not for escape if I need to escape the oversized usually suffices if I get stunned the invisibility let’s me get away faster

That skin could really do with the contrast the other lower quality picture gave it. An alternate version perhaps, the greys are black and the slight teal tint is much more vibrant.

Thank you for this thread.
I played S&A back in Beta, and while I loved the character design, I didn’t think the character suited me well. I tried the boomerang back then, but it felt awfully wimpy. Fast forward to now, having a lot more experience with playing various characters, and this thread convinced me to give our favorite detectives another go. So happy I did.

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