Bank and Lost Loot Upgrades resetting (And now Cosmetics), losing stored legendary gear

Game crashed in the middle of combat. Game reloaded, saying corrupted save (haven’t seen a corrupted save notification in at least 15 years). All the legendaries in my bank are gone. The upgrades for space reset just like the lost loot box upgrades too. But the items I literally equipped just before the crash are still in my inventory.

So why the HELL are the bank upgrades and contents wiped but everything still intact?!

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Happened to me as well. I’m pretty pissed right now.

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Same lost everything in the bank. But no crash. It was just all gone when I started the game up again after logging out for a couple of hours.

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yup, lost everything too went from level 50 with like 30 legendaries stored to level 43 with one ■■■■ legendary XD

And I just learned. ALL MY COSMETIC ■■■■ reset too. I’m not talking about reset to a previous save. EVERYTHING IS RESET like level ■■■■■■■ 1.

You should probably take this to the appropriate tech support forums for your version of the game.
That way someone that might be able to help you might take notice.

How will they help me recover data they stored client-side that was then corrupted? That is gone. All they can do now is fix the issue and there are SO many reports of this happening they’d have to be willfully ignorant of this situation.


You’ll never know what they can do it you don’t go to the right place for help.

If your car breaks down you don’t call Sirius XM for help right? If the internet goes out in your home you aren’t going to ask for TV technical support right?

They have a system in place to get help on technical issues. I’d suggest you use it. It works better than screaming into the wind.