Bank and multiplayer on console fixed?

Almost finished with one character and wanting to run through with some friends on another. We put it off because of issues presented at launch. Haven’t used the bank either so do others see these issues fixed for them or not, like i said we are on xbox. Haven’t come up with answers hence asking, thanks for any help.

The Oct. 3rd update contained a fix for the bank issue. I’m not finding much in the way of posts describing bank contents being completely wiped since that rolled out?

I’ll give it a test run then with some random drops.

I’m on PS4 and I’ve lost items from the bank on two separate occasions since it was supposedly fixed.

Sorry to hear that. Did you only lose items from the bank, or did anything else go missing at the same time?

Fortunately just from the bank. It wasn’t anything good, I was testing it to make sure it was really fixed before I put anything good in there.