Bank being wiped clean

My bank has been wiped clean twice now, what is going on? The first time I wasn’t so upset cause it didn’t have much but this time a lot of work went into saving those items.


This seems to be a game bug - there’s a huge thread in the General Discussion category about it. It’s been flagged to the developers. Right now it’s a bit unclear, but it seems to happen either during local co-op when one player accesses the bank or solo when you create an additional character (but not always)?

I have a second character but haven’t touched it in days. I do jump around in with friends though. Its just really upsetting.

Understood. All I can say at this point is that it is on the developers’ radar.

same has happened to me, feels bad man.

Same here a lot of work between school, family and trying to get it in on Borderlands and same thing happened #borderlands-2. Same exact thing!!! It’s a bummer

I dare not play 3 right now because I lose my stuff each time like 2. No where to save anything I want to keep.


so everything in my bank has gone missing, went to grab a old shield for a lower level character and everything is gone, it seems to be the same problem as what happened in bl2 with the stash but at least with that you could only lose 4 things , is there and way to stop this for happening or am i just not gonna be able to store items?

The same thing happened to me I had all the legendaries I wasn’t using in it and all of them at gone

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lets hope they sort it out, probably give everyone golden keys like they did on bl2

Same here. Real bummer and golden keys do not give me back specific legendaries. I am very disapointed, that the game shipped with this and other aggravating bugs.

happened again, im level 50 now so it was useful stuff

Didn’t even know this was an issue until I checked today and all my legendaries were gone. Nice bug. I’m assuming there is a bank robber lose in Sanctuary.

The update didn’t cause this. It’s a separate issue, that will hopefully be addressed in a forthcoming patch.

My bank looks the same as of yesterday. What a letdown, and also not really uncommon. Lost 75 hrs. worth of loot.
By the way, it happened sometime after I killed the last of Zeros targets, but also switched between normal an uvh mode a lot.

Lost entire bank after playing earlier in the day, didn’t properly exit out of game but just turned Xbox off and lost everything in my Bank, hopefully there’s a fix but I’m not holding my breath… Just wanted to let everyone know to properly shut down the game or you may lose everything… Would be nice to get a fix though considering I lost all my hard work…

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Have the same issue except on PC. I didn’t close out properly as well, when I tried to leave the game it froze to I had to force close it. I’m making a ticket to support. I doubt they can get my stuff back but maybe ill get some free golden keys or something.

Same here, I’m playing the xbox one version, and everyting in my bank disappeard.
I hope this get patched, 'cause now im afraid of using it.

Yeah good idea about the ticket, guess that’s the only thing we can do to make up for our losses, sadly…

I heard about that earlier last week and stored all my loot in mules