Bank Blowout - giving away legendaries

Hello all. My bank is getting full of stuff I have been holding onto for “someday”. Someday never seems to happen so I’ve decided to share it with those who might need some gear. I am not able to play as much I was, but I will get on every few days to send items out.

Don’t feel like you need to trade anything but if you just so happen to have a few things I was looking for, let me know. But seriously no problem just asking for a few from the giveaway list. Let me know if you have any questions or need specifics. Thanks!!!

Mr_Fixler want list:

-Lucky 7 with ase next 2 magazines damage bonus of some kind
-Monocle with ase 100% damage annointment (for my wife)

Giveaway list: I will do my best to keep this current as things get sent out. All are annointed unless specified.

-Lucky 7 with phaseslam 300% damage
-Moonfire with phasegraap accuracy and handling increase
-Moonfire with ase 100% projectile speed
-Cryo NightHawkin with phaseslam 300% damage
-Shock Cutsman not annointed
-Fire Cutsman are crit damage increase 25%
-Handsome Jackhammer are 50% shock next two mags
-Fire Crossroads with ase 11% fire rate and 26% reload speed
-EM-P5 with barrier accuracy 60% and crit 70%
-Kybs x2 shock/cryo with no annointment
-Carrier with when sentinel active fire rate 9% and reload speed 23%
-Carrier with ase 50% radiation next two mags
-Gatling Gun with ase accuracy and handling increase
-Ogre ase 100% damage
-Corrosive Dictator x3 with phaseslam 200% melee increase
-Shock kill o wisp with 130% damage after digi swap
-Cryo Tiggs Boom not annointed
-Monocle with phaseslam 300% damage
-Lyuda 16 mag not annointed
-Front loader with ase 100% melee damage increase
-Nagata on throw 25% weapon grenade action skill damage
-Storm Front not annointed

Can i get the
-Shock heck on throw

  • Recurssion with conc hit 1%
  • Shock roawans call ASE 100% dmg increase
  • Rad rowan call 50% rad lol
  • and mabeye that craps…if i can only get 1 item…

then i would choose the rad rowan call

Psn: deathshot1234

I have no reason to be stingy with it. Let me get your order ready.

Its littttt preciate it

Does it matter if the kyb’s you’re looking for is x2?

Nope. Beggars can’t be choosers

Alright your stuff should be coming in the mail

Preciate it bro

your psn please

My pleasure, have fun

was the shock ASE unavabilabe? not to bother u


Did you want anything?

Error on my part with the two Rowans. Coming up.

You do not have to give me anything but I am looking for a x25 stagecoach

I’ll keep an eye out, thanks!

No problem

Is that Corrosive queen’s call still available?

Indeed. I’ll add you and get that to you as soon as sanctuary loads up.

And done. :grinning:

can I get the moon fires?