Bank expansion to 500 or 1000

i think you guys should add more bank expansions for us up to 500 or 1000 because all the guns we can have


I’m sure gearbox have plans to increase it in the future. I remember someone mentioning it in the borderlands show. They said we’d get an increase, with more later on.
Hopefully they’ll put it up to at least 500.

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If they do, I hope they just increase the number of slots each SDU gives rather than adding more of them.


This I agree with 100%

I wouldn’t want that without some sort of search ability.

As it is, finding what I want with a full bank is a chore. I can’t imagine having 1000 slots would improve matters.

Ideally, I’d like a 50-100 personal bank for each of my VH’s (for individual VH specific anointments).

If we’re going to have a huge shared bank (which WOULD be awesome if done right), I’d like to have search functions (e.g. I type in “Cutsman” and any cutsman guns I have pop up) or bank tabs that I can label or, if not label, maybe assign a picture similar to the room/gun decorations.

TL;DR: Basically, if they’re going to give us vast storage, I want to be able to organize it!


Why? Nobody really uses half their gear anyways, not to mention Gearbox’s data showed them most people spend over 3/4 of their time on one vault hunter. How many people honestly use all their builds? Maybe give us 50 per expansion but we’re just hording garbage next to gold because loot and shoot games are hoarding simulators.

That wouldn’t matter. Here let me tell you this. It not a matter of not using half the gear. It’s how people need to hoard so people can have something to trade. A whole lot of things people want like popular gear so people like me hoards what they want and hope to trade it. They’re gear I badly want but I’ll never get with the loot being stingy.

If I have 100 Cutsman in my bank then I’ll likely keep 100 of them. I’m sure people want it while I want things like Kybs, Tran-fusion, etc


I disagree. You cant have everything
I feel 250 is too much to be honest, but I’m an old school gamer and have lived with bank limitations, alt juggling, and multiple accounts since the 90s.

I think this view stems from a desire to have what may eventually become a flavor of the month weapon in future updates:)

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Looking forward to the level cap increase so I can throw 300 items away


I wish they would turn the weapon display into like a card catalog for your gear.


I have a few cutsmans and never turn down a good projectile recursion just because they’re almost a form of currency, if someone doesn’t need it they know it’ll get them something they need. Until we get a way to reroll gear that’s the best way to fine tune builds and make use out of farming.
For games like this the only way I have to justify the 150 good weapons I know I’ll never use but still hoard is hopefully someone will take them when I offer free items, because with this farming system the people on the other side of the spectrum have it harder.


I’d rather have gear set tabs so I don’t have to dig for each build. More slots? How many do you really need? What are you saving?


If they have to increase the Shared bank instead of giving us a personal bank per character, they will have to implement a far superior sorting method.

Let us sort by (at least) character type / per anointment’s.

They should leave shared bank as is, far too big for its purpose anyway. And just give us a personal bank.
Hell there’s room on the SDU machine at Marcus’s for it.

Maybe that will be an out-of -season-pass add on, needing further spending.


Looking back at previous games, I really hope they DON’T go back to personal banks, as that meant having to load up characters and pass items around between them. The shared bank was a great step forward, just limited by not having enough space for people who like having lots of characters.
I think the bank should have multiple tabs. Either set to sort gear by weapon type (pistols in one, SMGs in the next, etc.) and gear type (shields in one, grenade mods in the next, etc.) OR allow us a system of sorting the tabs ourselves, so we can pick how we group the gear.

I mean, I’m saving loads of stuff because I have fun playing with it, even if it’s not the most powerful or highest DPS, but I can’t carry all that in my character’s inventory. I like swapping around to different gear and builds, and I haven’t bothered to level up, say, 5 of each character to avoid this, like some people choose to do. If I had a massive backback, I’d have hardly anything in the bank, but that’s just me.

And I’d be with you on this 100% with general bank tabs. If I could choose 4 tabs, 1 for each VH (or ideally 16 tabs…1 for each VH tree ability and 1 for general VH --e.g. I have a rakk attack, a fade away, a radiation aura, and an “on attack command” for Fl4k) along with a big pool for the rest, I’d be a happy player.

Currently I’ve got mules for each of these things, but having them be tabs in the main bank would be MUCH better, as you’re right, that I still have to load my mule characters to hand stuff over to my mains.

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In previous games we only had four spaces shared. This game started with 40. More than enough for a shared bank.

A personal bank means less time scrolling through hundreds of irrelevant items looking for the one you want.

It’s a baffling decision. And hardly a difficult thing to incorporate. Personal storage should have been there from the beginning.

The lack of it makes each additional character play-through a nightmare of inventory management, which increases exponentially as more characters are created.

If we could save our builds/loadouts, that would mitigate some of the issues.

Sorry for the rant. I have been experiencing just this situation once I levelled my 2nd character to max, and have to wade through Amara’s annointments to find what I need.

As an OCD sufferer, the thought of playing a third character is woefully unappealing, for the simple fact of not having my own storage for ‘this’ character.

A baffling oversight from Gearbox.


I think if they had a better way to organize your gear, you wouldn’t need more slots. Since you can make a mule in an hour I don’t see what more slots will accomplish. I have a level 50 character of each type with a full kit on each. I still run around in the 100’s in my bank. I also made a mule of each type of character to swap gear for that character.

I struggle to full it now, plus why are you collecting so much level 50 stuff. It’ll be obselite once the cap gets lifted.

From the October 24 patch notes:

Expanding the bank has been the most consistently requested feature by the community. We’ve heard you loud and clear and the groundwork for expanding the bank has already started. The first of SEVERAL planned expansions will coincide with the release of Takedown at Maliwan’s Blacksite. Expect a significant bank expansion that will more than double the existing space. Additional expansionS to the bank will continue to be rolled out over future releases.

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A tab system, or some way of sorting would solve this just as well, without the added problem of having to swap characters to find that one gun you left in another character’s bank which you’d love to try with the character/build you’re trying out. Personal banks wouldn’t save more time than they take.

Why? What would having some personal bank have added which the shared bank didn’t? If the shared bank had a better way to divide up the contents, such as splitting it into a tab for each character (so, like a personal bank, but you can move items between them with any character), it would fit your needs just as well.

Totally agree. There’s an option to save up to 3 loadouts for vehicles. I don’t see why they couldn’t have found a way to save VH loadouts.

It’s understandable. I totally agree that the bank system needs improving. I just disagree that going back to personal banks, without any means of access with other characters, is the solution.

I can make a mule in 10 seconds, using a second controller (I’m on console). I have many of them, loaded with a variety of gear, but I’d still like to have more gear in my bank, so I don’t have to spend ages loading up different characters (in previous games, this was quick and easy, so no a problem, but B3 lag sucks) to swap gear and try new builds.

They haven’t announced any plans to up the level cap anytime soon. It’s probably going to be months away, at least. Why throw away gear I can have fun with, in the meantime?

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