Bank glitch still... Really!

Oct. 4th just had the bank glitch (PS4). 45 items in my bank gone. Any idea of a fix yet or has this been acknowledged on console yet… I figure the hours spent grinding that gear is for nothing now. Chalked up as a loss, which makes me very mad.

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Same with hanging them on your wall in your room… they will eventually disappear.

Just had the same thing happen. Went to clean out my bank and reorganize my items and it was empty.

Not only does stuff go missing but while fighting bosses there seems to always get to a point where they stop losing health no matter what I do, but the second I get put into fight for your life with nothing to kill but the boss he starts to lose health again!!! WTH is going on!!!

A fix no. But it also depends how it happened. I have posted data about how it happens in instances i can find and at least what I’ve done to not have it happen most of the time.

I’ve had no issues thus far being careful only one recently when playing online and blue screen of death second player split screen lost his bank but not me.

Sorry I was replying to Khamoi no issues with the wall just bank.

my bad replied to wrong post.

Really the wall? I have had 0 issues with the wall any idea what you did prior to that that maybe made it go blank?
Cause so far the wall has been the safest place besides my backpack.

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It happens in splitscreen the second player can not use their bank at all or suffer losing everything. Same thing goes for the wall, stuff will stay but they disappear a couple items at a time. This is happening with both updates applied.

Hmm never had a problem with second player losing their bank by simply using it and i pretty much play split screen always. If second player doesn’t save before the main player then they lose their bank that happens and replicated it no problem and have not had the bank get lost due to that bug since i figured it out. So much so that the other player does not even risk leaving the game he gives me the controller and lets me do it. In fact i wrote down my saving closing steps in my post as well.

And you can see all my game records on twitch to see my banks still quite full.
Sadly i never recorded the testing though and I have not bothered to redo it since the first time.

As for the wall odd have not once yet lost anything on the wall.

So in other words its a saving issue… I’ve played borderlands and borderlands 2 and always quit from the host player… Never had issues like this not only that the second player should be getting auto saves throughout… Funny never loses anything else but the bank and wall.

I’ve had items disappear from my bank while playing solo. It’s not a 2-player save issue. As for the wall, I’ve never had anything disappear. Yet.

So, is the bank issue going to be fixed? After that, how 'bout fixing the glitchy, stuttering, vendor/backpack interfaces.

Without the bank being dependable, there is no way to twink loot between our characters if we play solo. Maybe that’s the reason gearbox is slow to fix the problem. They want to encourage multiplayer.

Whatever. It’s been about a month and they haven’t fixed the bank–and it would clearly be an easy fix. So apparently, for whatever reason, they aren’t motivated to fix it.

Patch 1.03 addressed the bank issue that I experienced and no longer have items disappear.

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Look to note there IS a two player saving issue that is just one of the bugs.
I have 4 listed and any others i find i add them. So is there a solo issue yeah probably sure but do not discount that your issue is the only one or the only way it happens. You’re only hurting the community that way.

If you can work out how you make it vanish in solo that would be a big help to listing it.
So far the main known solo bug is to update your sdu with bank items in it that will erase your stuff. If it’s something else you can recreate i’d love to see it and verify it. As to date i have had no solo issue yet. Though i’m always worried it will pop up.

The issues for the bank are being worked on but there is no time frame for a fix of any type.