Bank is not as big as they said (RESOLVED)

bank was 50 before update. I bought it more time and says max is only 120 not 300. Or did they double what we had to make it 100 and when i bought it added 20 to make it 120?
I could have sworn it was 50 before update.

You have to buy more sdu I’m guessing

They gave you double whatever you had before. You have to buy the rest through additional SDUs. (Confirmed in another thread by the Community Manager).

Also note that the bank only displays rows if one or more slots has an item in it - rows of empty slots do not show, but are actually there.

Was 50 before update, default to 100 now. There are multiple SDU’s to buy at 20 extra spaces each, not just one.

ok so after patch i was at double which was 100 then after i bought another sdu made it 120


Correct. They go up about $1.1 mil in price each time.

k thanks should have cked instead of assuming it stayed at 50

No prob! These forums are the place for asking questions. :+1: